Domonique Crosby


Grade: Senior, Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Major: Politics, Minor: African American Studies/Criminal Justice

Three Words: Silly, Dedicated, Humble

Why USF:

 I chose to attend USF because I was interested in the Jesuit values. I believe that the values we strive for here at USF are foundations for students to become better people. When looking at this school I was drawn to it because of the diversity of the school. Finding a school that combines values and diversity was very important to me. The opportunity to meet people of different backgrounds was very important when looking at colleges. The last thing that drew me to USF is the city because it was my chance to experience something new and it is an amazing place to be. The city would be an extra teacher for me in addition to the knowledge I would gain while at USF.

USF Involvement:

·         Resident Advisor 2010-present

·         Relay for Life, Event Chair 2010-present

·         Black Student Union, Events Coordinator 2011-present

·         Sister Connection, Events Coordinator 2011-present

·         Vizuri Kabisa Chair present

·         Fall Fest Volunteers Coordinator 2011

·         Students for Cancer Awareness, Vice President 2011-2012

Benefits of Involvement:

Through these involvements I have been able to meet many new people that have helped me continue to become a better person. Through being involved while at USF I have been able to make an impact on others on this campus in a positive manner. I have been able to see that my involvements make a difference on this campus. By being involved I have been able to get involved in things that I may have never tried because I've met new people. My involvement here allows me to find what I love and share it with other students on this campus. The benefit of being involved is I get a better knowledge of how the university works which is great because this becomes our home while we are here.


 I define leadership as being willing to take responsibility for the actions of not only yourself but others. A person is a leader when they try to help themselves and others reach a higher goal. In order to uphold our mission to Change the World from Here a person must be dedicated to the greater society. A person should be aware of what is going on in the world and know how they want to change the world. A person must believe in a cause and find those who are interested in it too and help them help their cause. In order to Change the World from Here a student must be dedicated to the cause and willing to work to change it.

Advice to First Year Students:

Get involved! Being on this campus and not doing anything is a waste of time. Being involved is the easiest networking a person can get. With the diverse group of students you are bound to meet someone who knows a person who can help you in the future. Being involved allows you to get the best experience while here at USF. Getting involved will make any student a better person and allow you to have the most rewarding experience while at the university. Do not settle for doing nothing when there are a million different clubs to get involved in.

Favorite Place in City: Ocean Beach

Random Fact: I love basketball. I follow all levels of basketball very carefully and seriously. Watching basketball is my downtime.