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2013 Conference Workshop Sessions

Workshop Session Block One

So You Want to be an OrgSync Master?
Presenters: Ariel Ling and Adam Molina
Do you wanna utilize OrgSync to benefit your needs? Do you wanna create streamlined forms? Do you wanna add all those important dates to your calendar? Do you just wanna be able to log in? We know OrgSync can be difficult, but we are here to help!

The “Three B’s” of How to Successfully Lead Your Peers
Presenter: Charlotte Salinas
Students face many challenges when leading their peers and navigating the fine line between leading a group and commanding a group. Through this presentation, learn skills necessary to achieve the “Three B’s”: be authentic, be engaging, and be inspiring. Students will develop more confidence and knowledge to handle a variety of situations when leading their peers.

Who Am I? Personal Values and Self-Care in Relation to Life & Work
Presenters: Jill Sorathia and James Roehrig
This workshop will help participants understand how personal values and self-care are essential to growth as an individual and professional. Students will be asked to consider how values such as community, family, civic engagement, etc. should be factored into career planning. Additionally, values will be used to identify self-care practices which are integral to maintaining physical and psychological well-being.

Developing and Enacting your Personal Definition of Service
Presenters: Star Moore and Corey Cook
This interactive workshop will guide students in exploring various examples of service and discussing their personal philosophies and definitions of service. Students will reflect on how factors like previous experiences, family values, cultural background, etc. have shaped their service perceptions and actions and will continue to inform their engagement with community in the future.

"Excel"erate your Management and Organization Skills
Presenter: Breanna Lamping
Excel is not just for numbers! This workshop will focus on how to use Microsoft Excel to help better your management and organizational skills. You will learn various tips and tricks that will be helpful with things such as rosters, committees, budgets, etc. If possible, please bring your laptop to this session!

Put the Fun in Funding: Event Planning and Funding for On-Campus Events
Presenter: Madeline Meininger
Applying for event funding for your organization can be fun instead of stressful. This workshop will provide tips and strategies for creating thorough, thoughtful applications to ease the planning of your event and get the support you need. This is an opportunity to prepare for next semester's events, reflect on the role those events play in our greater campus community, and ask questions of Senate's Vice President of Business Administration.



Workshop Session Block Two

Mission in Action
Presenter: Sascha Rosemond
Take a closer look at the Mission of the University and how that influences the student experience through community engagement. Learn more about Community Action, the process, and how to incorporate your organization's mission into the community work you do. Join me today!

Working With And For College Students, In Collaboration With "Think About It"
Presenter: Megan Heffernan
As a former student and current staff member, I have successfully navigated the University channels and have begun some immensely meaningful work with Student Life and the Think About It alcohol, drug, and sexual assault education and awareness program. My life as a student has informed my work and it can inform yours, too. Learn about how programs such as "Think About It," with their peer outreach components, can help you to become the campus leader you are striving to be and can help connect you to a network of USF faculty, staff and students to help you on your journey towards academic and professional success.

Missions and Motivations
Presenter: Lindsay Litowitz
This session will allow participants to take a closer look at their personal values, goals, and motivations in order to better collaborate with and inspire others. The participants will explore their own values through individual activities and group interactions, and will ultimately establish a personal mission statement. Closely tied to the personal mission is the concept of motivation, which drives individuals to act. Missions and motivations are individualized, yet they impact how individuals work within a team on a collaborative mission. Motivate yourself to make your USF mission a success!

Grad School Survival 101: Networking, Resumes and the Pursuit of Sleep
Presenter: Casey Elder
Graduate school can be one of the most difficult times in a young professional's life as they pursue their career goals, while managing a healthy balance of work and personal time. Do you know how to do this effectively? Are you a master of networking and resume development, communicating everything you have done, and will do, in a way that makes you a desirable candidate for hire? Join us for a roundtable discussion of best practices and the ultimate guide on how to make yourself stand out!

To the Streets and Back: Recruiting and Retaining Your General Board
Presenters: Michael Mortimer and Kelsey Hui
From the streets to the events, the Campus Activities Board presents a unique approach to developing a strong general board of members. Located in the heart of one of the nation’s biggest cities, USF has a unique challenge in attracting students to on-campus organizations and events. But after implementing several successful strategies to keep students interested and excited about events on campus, everyone wants to be part of CAB’s famous ‘Street Team.’

Connect the Dots: Marketing Meaningful Messages
Presenter: Marci Nunez
Marketing is a way to influence how people think, feel, and act. Getting people to come to your event? Talking your parents into supporting your study abroad? Trying to change the world? Learn how to convey a persuasive message that impacts your audience.



Workshop Session Block Three

The Messy Manual
Presenter: Eva Long
Have you ever wanted to be more organized? Do you struggle mapping out what your daily and weekly schedules look like and how to prepare for the following week? How do you find a balance between your personal, social and academic life? Join me for a look into the "Messy Manual" as we explore together the best way to organize everything life throws at you, while maintaining that balance that helps us all remain healthy and happy!

Find Your Passion and Purpose Through Your Leadership Style
Presenters: Morgan Zuziak and Maile Yee
Get up on your feet and explore what fuels your drive through a discovery of your identity as a leader! Participate in an interactive activity and discussion that will engage you and other student leaders in working together to cultivate your purpose at USF. Find your strengths as a leader as well as your areas of growth when working in a group setting, whether that is a class project, your organization, or in your professional career. Let your purpose and leadership style fuel your passion to go forth into the world and be the change!

Pull It Together, Student Leader!
Presenters: John Chibnall and Taylor Jackson
“It’s more substantial to represent a purpose, rather than just a title.” As leaders we feel like we are the most important people on earth, forgetting our responsibility to act in the interests of our fellow students. This session will offer some tough love on being a representative who makes a difference!

What's Your Patronus?: Discover Your Conflict Management Animal
Presenters: Julio Oyola and Adele Christensen
Do you know your Patronus? You might, but do you know your conflict management animal? This session will help you learn more about conflict management/resolution styles. We will discuss approaches to better understand your own style and how you interact with others to resolve conflict within an organization. We will use interactive activities to help you engage in a self-evaluation of your preferred style and provide you with tools for you to take back to your organizations and work with your fellow leaders.

Establishing a Vision Through Values
Presenter: Stacey Longwich
Who are you? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there? Learn how to answer these questions and more when you establish an effective organizational vision. Realize the value of strategic planning and how your organization can benefit from establishing a strong mission and plan.

The Retreat You Have Been Waiting For!
Presenters: Amiya Powell-Hodge and Bobby Ewing
Want to learn how plan a fun, focus–driven retreat? Interested in developing new skills? No experience at all? Join us as we engage you in an exciting, interactive workshop, designed to provide tangible applications to develop your next Effective Retreat. Prepare to be motivated and engaged as we take you through an energetic retreat experience.