The University of San Francisco: Parent Relations

Please answer the following questions:

1) Did you attend Parents and Family Weekend this Fall (October 2011)?


2) What type of parent programming do you value? Please choose up to three options.

3) When is the best time to have Parents and Family Weekend?


4) How many days of programming are ideal?


5) How do you prefer to receive your Parents & Family Weekend communication? Select all that apply.


If you did attend Parents and Family Weekend, please answer the following questions:

6) Did Parents and Family Weekend influence your decision to visit your son or daughter on campus?


7) Were you able to connect with other USF parents at Parents and Family Weekend and develop your network?

8) Would you like to be involved as a Parents and Family Weekend volunteer in the future? 


If yes, please fill in your name and email contact information below:

9) Please use the space below to give us any additional feedback on your experience at Parents and Family Weekend: