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feedback  We Value Your Feedback!

Based on your recent training, please take a few minutes to provide your instructor with feedback on your experience. Your participation and comments are appreciated.

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Instructor's name John Bansavich       Greg Crum 

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1.Was the training relevant to your needs?

 Very relevant    Relevant    Not relevant

2. What was your level of confidence/experience using the application coming into the class?

  Fairly proficient     Intermediate    Basic     Little to no knowledge

3.How was the quantity of information?  Too much    Just right    Not enough

4.How was the instructor's pace Too fast    Just right    Too slow

5.How would you rate the handout Very useful    Useful    Not useful  

6.How would you rate the instructor's knowledge of the material?

 Very knowledgeable    Knowledgeable    Not knowledgeable

7.How would you rate the overall training experience?

 Very Satisfied    Satisfied    Not Satisfied

8.What additional information do you suggest be added to this session?

9.What would you consider the strengths of this training?

10.Any suggestions for improving the training experience

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Thank you for your feedback.