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Wednesday, April 22

hrDirect, February 2012


 Greetings from your Human Resources Department! 


The  Race Challenge is going strong!  

The Kaiser Run/Walk on February 5th went great and now is the time to start training for the Presidio 10!  This is the final race for the 2011-2012 GoUSF Race Challenge and takes place on April 15th. 

USF Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni are invited to join the GoUSF team and FREE event registration is available for benefits eligible employees, as well as one family member per employee. 

To register, return the completed registration form to Marie Gengler O'Connor. Alumni, students and part-time employees can sign-up for the event withonline event registration

For more information about GoUSF tips, training and events, visit our website or like us on Facebook.

2011 W-2 Wage and Tax Statement


The W-2 Wage and Tax Statements for 2011 have been mailed. If you have questions regarding your W-2 or the W-2 process, please visit our W-2 Information Page.  

Love Your Health

1 in 3 adults in the United States have high blood pressure. While there are uncontrollable risk factors that may increase your blood pressure such as family history, there are steps everyone can take to prevent or reduce their risk. 

Click here to learn about keeping your blood pressure numbers in the healthy range.

Maintain Good Health

The cold and flu season typically runs from November through April, so it’s that time of year when you hear coughing and sneezing throughout the office and boxes of tissues start to clutter the work areas. 

Readily spread in indoor environments, cold and flu viruses are often passed along from person to person and surface to surface in the workplace. According to the CDC, people are most contagious during the first 2-3 days of contracting a cold, even before symptoms develop; or for about 5 days thereafter when infected with the flu virus.

However, there are many actions you can take to prevent the spread of cold and flu viruses at work. 

Please click here for the top 10 ways you can stay healthy this cold and flu season.



Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to February's hrDirect. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of ways that you can utilize theOffice of Human Resources' services. 

In this beginning of tax season, you can review your 2011 compensation before completing your tax returns, and CONCERN, USF's Employee Assistance Program, provides benefits-eligible employees the opportunity to talk to a consultant on tax basics.  

Also, check out our tips on avoiding the flu and sign-up for our Healthy USF events

These and many other options are available to our colleagues. Feel free to contact us for assistance. 


Martha Peugh-Wade
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources


Professional Development

Interested in Professional Development? 

Find leadership and educational opportunities in our HR Professional and Organization Development Resource Center. 

Flexible Spending Reminder

If you contributed to a flexible spending account in 2011 for health and/or dependent care and had a balance as of December 31, 2011, you have until March 15, 2012 to incur eligible expenses to be used against your 2011 funds. 

All 2011 claims and claims through March 15, 2012 (to be expensed against 2011 funds) must be submitted to Benesyst no later than March 31, 2012. 

Verify Your Mailing Address

Please take a moment to verify your “Current” mailing address. You may access and update your “Current” mailing address information online through Employee Self Service. 
To view and update your mailing address: 
  1. Log into USFConnect and select the Employee Tab. 
  2. Click the "Click Here" button within the "Employee Self Service" box. 
  3. From the Employee Self Service Main Menu, click the "Personal Information" link followed by the "Addresses and Phones" Link. 
  4. Select the “Current” mailing address type. 
  5. Enter updated address information. 
Healthy USF

The Healthy USF program includes free access to WellCall’s health coaching services for full-time faculty and staff, along with family and dependants. 

Work with a health coach for guidance and support to improve your eating and exercise habits, lose weight, lower your cholesterol or blood pressure, better manage stress or quit smoking.

Health coaching is available by phone (888-493-5522), online, or meet in person with USF’s onsite health coach, Joanne Boyer. Contact Joanne by email or phone (x2442) to get started with your wellness plan.


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