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hrDirect, January 2012

Checklist for the New Year! 

Get Organized: Update your Beneficiary Information for life insurance and retirement plans. Forms are available at www.usfca.edu/hr/forms.

Get Prepared: Schedule a financial consultation with TIAA-CREF, Fidelity or Valic to review your retirement planning goals. View the 2012 schedule.

Get Fit: Join a  event like the Kaiser Permanente Run/Walk on February 5th or a weekly training session. Visit www.usfca.edu/wellness/gousffor more information.

Elective Deferral Contributions Increase in 2012

The elective deferral (contribution) limit for employees who participate in the 403(b) Plan increased from $16,500 to $17,000 per year. The catch-up contribution limit for those aged 50 and over remains unchanged at $5,500.

To maximize your elective retirement contributions, please complete a salary reduction authorization form available at www.usfca.edu/hr/forms and return it to Human Resources.

Anthem Blue Cross Update

AnthemThe pharmaceutical contract between Express Scripts and Walgreens did not renew at the end of December 2011. 

To limit disruption to Anthem members, Express Scripts will be engaging in an automated outbound call campaign assisting members who: 
  • visit a Walgreens to fill a prescription on or after January 1, 2012  
  • use Walgreens to refill maintenance medication(s) and are approaching their refill date  
  • use Walgreens, are on maintenance medication(s), and missed their refill window 
As a reminder, Anthem members can also convert their prescription to mail order and save a co-payment. The form is available under “Health Plans” atwww.usfca.edu/hr/forms.

I-9 Forms

I-9Employees who need to complete I-9 forms were notified via email in November. HR would like to thank those employees who have submitted their I-9 forms. 

For those who have not yet submitted their I-9 forms, please bring the completed form with documentation to HR by Friday, February 17th, 2012. 

Please call Ali Tabor (415-422-2431) if you have any questions. Thank you for your assistance!

2011 W-2 Wage and Tax Statement

 The W-2 Wage and Tax Statements are being processed. If you had taxable earnings in 2011, you should receive your W-2 no later than January 31st. 

Electronic W-2 statements will also be available via the Employee Tab on USFConnect beginning February 1st. 

Please call 415-415-2430 or emailetimesheets@usfca.edu if you have questions.


Happy New Year!


Happy 2012!

As you begin this new year, the Office of Human Resources is here to help you start the new year off strong. 

Come join the  event on February 5th or meet with a financial consultant. Read below for more information about these and other opportunities!


Martha Peugh-Wade
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources



Review your Paycheck

Take a moment to review your January paystub to ensure coverages and deductions for your enrollments have been updated. If you have questions regarding your enrollment(s), please emailbenefits@usfca.edu

In addition, your net pay in 2012 may be different from your 2011 check due to the following:
  • Health care contribution rate changes 
  • VDI (short-term disability) tax increase from 1.2% to 1.0%
  • Taxable wage ceiling increased from $93,316 to $95,585
  • Automatic Enrollment in the 403(b) Plan, if applicable 
  • Enrollment in a Flexible Spending Account 
Healthy USF



Join the  Race Challenge!  

February 5th, 2012
Kaiser Permanente Run/Walk (Golden Gate Park)

April 15th, 2012
Presidio10* (Presidio)

*FREE event registration to Bridge to Bridge and Presidio 10 for USF benefits eligible employees and one family member per employee.

Click here for more information about upcoming races and training information!                                               

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