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Mission and Values


The Graduate Student Senate is the official representative body of graduate students and is the primary means for graduates to participate in campus governance at the University of San Francisco.


The GSS will represent, lead, and unify the Associated Graduate Students of the University of San Francisco, to achieve the betterment of the students in their professional and social interests, and provide leadership opportunities for students. This organization will aid in the appointment of members to a variety of internal and university committees, task forces, and boards that establish or influence a wide range of policies, procedures and the general direction of academic and non-academic programs and services offered at USF.


Mindful of our Jesuit mission, we strive to meet the diverse needs of the graduate students and allow professional, social, and personal growth while building community.

Graduate Student Senate Governing Documents:

Below you can find the Graduate Student Senate Constitution, By-Laws and various codes that allow the Graduate Student Senate to function. In an effort to increase transparency, the Graduate Student Senate has published these documents online. After careful consideration and revision, all documents have been amended and updated to better reflect the current functions of the Graduate Student Senate. 

Graduate Student Senate Constitution
Graduate Student Senate Bylaws