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USF Social Media Strategy Form

If you are responsible for an official University of San Francisco social media venue and would like to suggest having your site added to the social media page, please fill out the form below. Completing this form will help you develop a strategy for best results, and your name will be added to a list of USF social media administrators that collaborate and exchange best practices around social media.

First and Last Name:
Email Address:
Phone Extension:
URL(s) of USF Social Media Venue(s):
Name(s) and Email(s) of Additional Administrator(s):   
Objectives: What do you plan to achieve by using social media?
Target Groups: Who are you trying to reach? Please select all that apply.
If "other" target groups apply, please specify:  
What type of content will you share in your social media venue(s)?
If "other" content types apply, please specify:  
Measuring Success: How will you evaluate the success of your social media venue? Please share your timeline and techniques.   
Filling out this form, what best practices would you be interested in discussing and developing further together with other USF social media admins?