CA Prize Dinner 2013
California Prize Dinner

Student Organization Policies

  1. Reserve the Space
  2. The space you will need for a successful event should always be reserved before you begin the process of planning an event. Room availability and requests can be submitted at: Virtual EMS. Once your request has been confirmed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation, which will also note who your Event Manager is for that event.

  3. Contact Your Event Manager to Discuss Your Event
  4. Every event is assigned to an Event Manager in Events Management & Guest Services (EM&GS). If you are planning to serve food/beverage, contact your Event Manager to discuss menu options. Your Event Manager will work with Bon Appetit to ensure you are within your budget, and receive the 25% discount applied on catering orders. Likewise, your Event Manager will assist with any other logistical needs surrounding your event, such as room setup, Audio/Visual equipment, parking, ecostations, room cleaning, etc. If your event is scheduled in a location with no trash bins (e.g., Gleeson Plaza), your Event Manager will order the necessary number of ecostations at $40/ ecostation, at a cost to your budget..

  5. Decide on the Method(s) of Funding
  6. FOAP: If your student organization has been approved for funding via the ASUSF Finance Committee or has available funds in a USF student organization financial account, EM&GS will work with Student Leadership and Engagement (SLE) to transfer funds to cover your expenses within the established budget.

    Flexi Donations: Students with a flexi meal plan are allowed to donate flexi meal plan money towards the catering cost of an on-campus student organization event. To raise flexi donations, you can request a Flexi Donation form from EM&GS. On the form, EM&GS will put an end date (to not exceed three weeks) for you to raise the funds. The form must be submitted back to EM&GS no later than 5 business days prior to the event, and by the end date on the form.  For example, if you have an event in May, you can begin fundraising in September-so long as your forms are turned in within the end date on the form (i.e., 3 weeks from start of fundraising). All flexi donations are non-refundable, must be used by the end of the academic year, and require a minimum $10 donation. The maximum donation is determined by a formula; you can only donate if your flexi balance is equal to or exceeds $100 x the remaining weeks in the academic year. If funds raised do not match established budget, EM&GS will adjust your catering order to match the funds raised. Illegible donations will not be counted.

    Cash/Credit/Check: In some cases, student organizations need to pay via cash/credit/check. If this is the case, please speak with your Event Manager, who will process this form of payment.


 Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Do I have to get my food/beverage from Bon Appetit Catering?

 A. Yes, you do. The university has an exclusive contract with Bon Appetit Catering to be the sole caterer on campus. If there are extenuating circumstances that require an alternative to Bon Appetit Catering-such as religious or cultural reasons-please contact EM&GS for approval and exceptions. For periodic club meetings that are closed to the public-and with your Event Manager's approval-you may bring baked goods, popcorn, soda, and ice cream. At no time can you bring any other food/beverage from a grocery store, restaurant or other food provider. Potlucks or bringing other home-cooked food is also not allowed.

 Q. How do I go about looking at menu options?

A. Contact your Event Manager, who can pass along menus to you. Your Event Manager can also suggest more popular items, recently added items to the menu, and can suggest alternates.

Q. If I plan to sell baked goods or beverages as a fundraiser, how do I get approval?

A. First, schedule the space, and then you will be able to fill out the Fundraising Proposal Form online at SLE . Please allow for at least one week to process this form. Generally, the only permitted items you can sell are home baked goods, beverages, and/or ice cream (floats, sundaes, etc.).

Q. Can we have food trucks at our event?

A. Yes; please contact your Event Manager, who can suggest approved food trucks, or seek out other desired trucks. Each food truck must be approved, and EM&GS will communicated directly with each truck to ensure they have proper paperwork, and abide by guidelines while on campus.

Add to Your Event

If your budget allows for it, below are some great additions to your event, along with estimated costs. Contact your Event Manager who can place this type of order on  your behalf from our list of approved vendors.

  • Popcorn Machine - $69.95 for tabletop machine, $40 for 36 kernel bags (8 servings per bag), $15 for 300 1oz bags, $40 for delivery, $40 for pickup, 2% discount, plus tax. The machine can pop 17 bags every hour. The total is $178.31, for roughly 250 guests.
  • Cotton Candy Machine - $69.95 for tabletop machine, $15 for the wind bubble, $7.99 per ready mix sugar pack of various flavors available (65 servings), $3.89 for 100 cones, $40 for delivery, $40 for pickup, 20% discount, plus tax. The machine can make 65 cones every hour. The total is $153.84, for roughly 65 guests.
  • Chocolate Fountain -  $99 for the tabletop machine, $59.96 for 8 lbs of milk, dark, or vanilla white chocolate, $40 for delivery, $40 for pickup, 20% discount, plus tax. The total is $207.86, for roughly 250 guest. Dipping snacks and skewers need to be purchased with your catering order.
  • Balloons - $1.75 per balloon. $25/ delivery fee, plus tax.
  • Photo Booth - Grand total of $400 for 2 hours, and $50/hour thereafter. Price includes unlimited prints, props, attendant, and digital copies.
  • Dunk Tank - Grand total of $299. It is 10 feet by 10 feet.
  • Bounce House - Grand total of $179. It is 20 feet by 20 feet, and can accommodate 6 people.

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