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2013 Global Service Learning fellowship Program Panels | November 14-21

"Building partnerships for Sustainable Development at Home and Abroad"

In these panels, each speaker delivers a ten-minute presentation that highlights how USF students worked collaboratively with others to further enhance the sustainability of community work offered by local NGOs in Cochabamba, Bolivia; Masaka, Uganda; and Udaipur India. Presentations also highlight research projects and explain how work with local communities abroad shaped personal, academic, and professional goals. 

Panel 1, “Local leaders and community empowerment in India, Uganda, and Bolivia” Thursday, November 14, 2:50-4:20 p.m., Maier Hall, Fromm Building

Aundraya Martinez -
“Bolivian women building a brighter future through personal and academic enrichment programs” 

Neema Jyothiprakash -
“Tribal leaders, democratization, and women’s capacity building in Rajasthan” 

Alexis Stanley -
“Women’s leadership and a turn to healthier and environmentally friendly methods of cooking in rural Bolivia” 

Matea Fish -
“How common space, women’s leadership, and microfinance power inclusive community development in rural India”

Maija Rivenburg -
“Ugandan children step up and perform in defense of children’s rights and responsibilities”

Panel 2, “Improving care and service for the disenfranchised in the developing world” Tuesday, November 19, 2:50-4:20 p.m., Maier Hall, Fromm Building


Tamara Sanchez Monter -
“Extending physical therapy service in Cochabamba and the nature of traditional and Western medicine in Bolivia” 

Chandler Garrett -
“Training healthy Ugandan mothers and prevention of HIV/Aids among children” 

Bryce Chiodo -
“Making HIV/Aids education and prevention programs in rural India more effective” 

Jaqueline Diane Lara -
“Let Ugandan children smile: Improving HIV/Aids treatment and service in Masaka”

Kathya Pineda -
“Education on the impact of state violence and delivery of service to torture victims in Cochabamba”

Panel 3, “Making local community service and work sustainable” Thursday, November 21, 2:50-4:20 p.m., room 212, Cowell Building


Meagan Le -
“Field research and sustainability of common pasture lands; community development in rural India”

Paulien Verschuyl -
“Beautifying Cochabamba’s urban landscape, protecting the environment, and youth leadership through urban forests” 

Phillip Gibson -
“A glimpse of the world through the eyes of Ugandan street children”

Taylor Heath -
“Colorful Rajasthan: Sustainable development, self discovery, and African American identity abroad”

Eric Schoer -
“Making access to water sustainable after the political storm and the battle of Cochabamba cooperatives after the water wars”