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Strategic Planning

The Leo T. McCarthy Center 5-year strategic plan was created due to the work, insights and creativity of numerous stakeholders. The process was facilitated by Kathleen Rice, Ph.D., C.T.F. In concert with the 10-year anniversary of the founding of the McCarthy Center, we look forward to the promotion and launch of the plan as we name, promote and achieve these strategic goals in the next 5 years. 

The process to create the plan has been intentionally participatory, and stakeholders from key constituencies were included in the process.

The Design Team was comprised of 8 people who developed the Strategic Plan Focus Question, a timeline for developing the plan, and a larger list of stakeholders to be included in various stages of the process.  Design Team members participated in regularly scheduled meetings focused on discussing feedback from stakeholder groups and developing materials to invite larger participation.


  • Jeff Betcher, Co-founder and Organizer, Quesada Gardens
  • Christopher Brooks, Associate Dean of Sciences and Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Corey Cook, Director, McCarthy Center and Associate Professor of Politics
  • Karin Cotterman, Assistant Director for External Relations, McCarthy Center
  • Sheryl Davis, Executive Director, Mo’ Magic Youth Agencies
  • Amie Dowling, Assistant Professor of Dance, Coordinator, Dance Program
  • Star Moore, Associate Director of Community-Based Learning
  • Megan Owens, First Avenues at Hamilton Family Center, Associate Program Director, and USF recent graduate

As a group we reached out to members of the following stakeholder groups via day-long facilitated meetings, individual meetings, group meetings based on affiliation, on-line surveys, and email contributions. Over 130 people participated in the creation of this plan.


Stakeholder Groups include:

    • McCarthy Center Board of Advisors
    • McCarthy Center Steering Committee
    • McCarthy Center Staff
    • Community Partner Agency Staff
    • Community Partner Community Members
    • USF Students
    • USF Administrators
    • USF Faculty
    • USF Collaborating Departments
    • USF Alumni

Overall, through this inclusive process we heard from over 130 people in a variety of formats. We did our best to include multiple perspectives in response to the Strategic Planning Focus Question:

What is the McCarthy Center’s 5 year vision and plan for advancing the University’s core mission of offering students the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as personas and professionals and the values and sensitivity necessary to be men and women for others while developing mutually enriching relationships that foster community and build capacity to support positive outcomes?