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The McCarthy Center strives to provide prominent and current literature about key aspects of service-learning and civic engagement. We invite you to browse the downloadable literature below and access links to external resources.

Please contact us for a course consultation or other literature.

Service-Learning Basics

Benefits of Service-Learning (PDFHTML)

Cone, Dick and Susan Harris. "Service-Learning Practice: Developing a Theoretical Framework." Introduction to Service-Learning Tool Kit. Campus Compact, 2000. Essays on Teaching Excellence. A publication of the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education. (PDF)

Definition and Service-Learning Course Criteria (PDFHTML)

Furco, Andrew. "Service-Learning: A Balanced Approach to Experiential Education." Introduction to Service-Learning Tool Kit. Campus Compact, 2000. (PDF)

Furco, Andrew. "What Makes Service-Learning Different Than Other Forms of Service and Experiential Learning?" Introduction to Service-Learning Tool Kit. Campus Compact, 2000. (PDF)

Howard, J. Four Myths About Academic Service-Learning. Academic Service-Learning: Myths, Challenges, and Recommendations. (PDF)

Service-Learning Packet for Faculty (HTML)

Successful Partnerships

How to Build Support for Service-Learning at Your Organization (HTML)

Leiderman, Susan and Andrew Furco et al. "Building Partnerships with College Campuses: Community Perspectives." A publication for The Council of Independent Colleges, 2003. (PDF)

Questions for Community Partners to Ask Faculty (HTML)

Questions for Faculty to Ask Community Partners (HTML)

Sample Memoranda of Understanding (HTML)

Service-Learning Definition, Guidelines, and Objectives for Students and Community Partners(PDF)

Tips for Contacting Community Partners (PDFHTML)

Tips for Successful Community-Faculty Partnerships (PDFHTML)

What an ACE Can Do For You (PDFHTML)


Bringle, Robert and Julie A. Hatcher. "Reflection in Service-Learning: Making Meaning of Experience," Introduction to Service-Learning Tool Kit. Campus Compact, 2000. (PDF)

FACE Assessment (PDFDOC)

General Reflection Activities (PDFDOC)

Heffernan, Kerrissa. Modes of Rhetoric. Brown University. (PDFDOC)

How Do You Define Service? (PDFDOC)

Mills, Steven D. "Electronic Journaling: Using the Web-Based, Group Journal for Service-Learning Reflection". Michigan Journal of Community Service-Learning: 2001, pp 27-35. (PDF)

O.R.I.D. Model of Reflection (PDFDOC)

Preflection Questions (PDFDOC)

Reflective Writing (PDFDOC)

Reed, Julie and Christopher Koliba. Facilitating Reflection: A Manual for Leaders and Educators. University of Vermont. (HTML)

Reed, Julie. "What? So What? Now What? Reflection Format" Facilitating Reflection: A Manual for Leaders and Educators. University of Vermont. (PDFDOC)

Reed, Julie. Spiritual Topics for Reflection. Adopted from Catholic Social Teachings. (PDFDOC)


Bradley, J. and M. Troppe. Connection cognition and action: Evaluation of student performance in service-learning courses. ECS/Campus Compact, 1995. (PDF)

Learning Outcomes for Students (PDF)

Rubric to Assess Service-Learning Reflection Papers. Developed by Hawai'i Campus Compact. (PDF)

Rubrics (PDF)

Service-Learning Outcomes and Assessment Matrix (PDF)

Also available:

  • Information about conferences, and other service-learning related professional opportunities
  • Information on grants and other funding sources
  • Searchable database of community organizations

Click here for links to other resources.