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Community Partner Seminar

The Community Partner Service-Learning Seminar welcomes nonprofit staff interested in fostering sustainable reciprocal service-learning partnerships with USF faculty and students.

Participants in the seminar attend five sessions designed to define and distinguish service-learning’s role in the organization, provide support for building and maintaining faculty partnerships, create templates and systems for managing students, and share tools for enhancing student learning and reflection.  Community partners develop processes and resources to enhance the benefits of service-learning to their organization.  Community Partner Service-Learning Seminars are offered twice a year.  Participants receive a stipend upon completion of the seminar.

Partnership Assistance

The McCarthy Center serves as a liaison between faculty and community partners, helping to cultivate relationships in which course objective and organizational goals are reciprocally met. Our staff regularly visit community organizations to learn about their work, and host networking events in which relevant faculty and nonprofit staff can explore mutual interests and potential partnerships.  We also offer consultations in which we work with partners to develop service project ideas and identify compatible USF courses, problem-solving knowledge, and faculty-student advocating.

Host an Advocate for Community Engagement (ACE)

After completing the Community Partner Seminarpartners are eligible to apply to host an Advocate for Community Engagement (ACE). ACEs serve as a liaison among their community partner host site, service-learning faculty, and service-learning students. 

Being selected to host an ACE is also dependent on your capacity to host multiple students and offer experiences that are relevant to multiple academic disciplines. The community partner must demonstrate engagement in sustained partnerships with USF and a commitment to institutionalizing service-learning at their organization. Once an organization receives an ACE, they will attend ACE supervisor training and participate in biannual evaluations and debriefs.


Contact Fernando Enciso-Marquez at for more information.