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The Garden Project

Are you ready to get your hands dirty and learn what it takes to develop and sustain a bountiful urban organic garden? If so, the Garden Project is the community for you!

If you are interested in applying for this program click here. Application deadline is May 15.

The Garden Project is an innovative learning community for first-year students and rising juniors and seniors of any major. This community experience offers a rare opportunity for students to engage in community design and gardening by cultivating the 1/4- acre organic garden on campus. Through active involvement, students learn about climate change, water rights, food security, and social and economic justice as related to food production. Facilitated by faculty and staff, students take coursework together and live in designated space in the residence halls (1st year students only).

In addition to new, first-year students, the community includes selected rising junior and senior students. All GPC students take the required coursework for both semesters and are expected to fulfill the expectations of the community. First-year students will live in Hayes-Healy Residence Hall and junior/senior students determine their own housing arrangements.

Upon successful completion of both semesters in the community, Garden Project students fulfill these requirements:

  • Social Science (Core Area E)
  • Service-Learning (SL)
  • 8 units elective credits

Leadership Team

  • David Silver, Media Studies
  • Melinda Stone, Media Studies
  • Golden Venters, Office of Residence Life

Application Information and Guidelines

Priority consideration deadline: March 15, 2010 (current students)
Priority consideration deadline: May 15, 2010 (entering 1st year students)
New, first-year students and rising juniors and seniors may apply for the Garden Project. The application is only offered online and all fields must be complete in order to be considered. Be sure to review your responses and complete your application by pressing SUBMIT. You will receive an automated response confirming successful submission.

Have questions? Need help?
Contact Melinda Stone