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Rueda de Locos - Jacobo Borges
Nacho López - México
Buenos Aires   

2013 CELASA Seminar in Mexico

LAS 345 - CUETZALAN: Cultural Heritage, Natural Resources, Gender Issues (2 units) 

Un verano en Cuetzalan:

My summer  experience in el pueblo mágico, the magical city, is one I will never forget and treasure for a lifetime. My peers and I were received with open arms and left with a second home abroad. We learned about the historical heritage, natural resources, and social issues affecting the life of the inhabitants of the northeastern mountains of the state of Puebla. We had the opportunity to directly work and interact with several indigenous groups. We heard their stories and their concerns with the issues affecting their daily lives such as gender rights, historical memory and access to resources. Some of the indigenous women were generous enough to teach us how to cook, sew, how they operate their businesses, and projects they have worked on. It makes me happy to know that my peers and I left our mark in Cuetzalan. Not only did we help an indigenous family in need build a stove, but we also built relationships with the organizations there. Going to Cueztalan definitely allowed my peers and I to change the world from el pueblo mágico and to learn more in depth about our culture!
          -Giselle Martinez, Latin American Studies, Chican@ Latin@ Studies