NURS 644 - Clinical Leadership in Mental Health and Community-Based Practice (3)

Prerequisite: Student must be enrolled in the Clinical Nurse Leader MSN degree program. This theory course focuses on the clinical leadership skills and knowledge required to provide health care delivery to vulnerable populations. Emphasis will be made on the creation of micro systems needed to manage the health care of individuals, groups, and population aggregates within community settings to improve health outcomes, and to lessen health disparities. Students will analyze primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention nursing interventions that are appropriate for clients across the lifespan. Recognition will be made with respect to the way in which clients can differ in their ability to perceive, cope and understand the meaning of their symptoms that can affect outcome. The Client/family/aggregate will be examined in terms of their need for health promotion, treatment or maintenance of physiological problems, and/or acute and chronic mental illness. Research and epidemiological data will be employed to formulate outcome based practice and quality improvement strategies.