MBAI 5101 - Explorer (2)

Explorer is not a "course." It is a fresh way to learn. Throughout Fast Track we will explore the city of San Francisco and the Bay Area to discover the latest techniques from practicing leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. We will immerse ourselves in the diverse communities which make this area a global hub. We will learn from Bay Area people, companies and service organizations - spanning industries and business models, successes and failures. We will meet people whose companies thrill their customers, who have created markets that did not exist before, or who have solved social problems. We will encounter workers, managers, and leaders as well as those who do not benefit significantly from this society's wealth. We will accomplish this through people visiting us on campus, as well as our traveling out to visit targeted sites. Explorer I connects with every course in the Fast Track in order to discover the Bay Area one day each week, and to enable learning based on experience.