MBAI 5002 - Investor (2)

This knowledge and skill intensive course drills deeply into questions of financial performance, growth, and valuation. "How is an investment doing?" "What can we expect of an investment in the future?" "How much money does a project need and where can it come from?" "What is this all worth?" "How much risk are we taking and what can we do about it?" and "What do I do if things are going well, and I want out?" as well as "What do I do if things are going badly, and I want out?" In addition to analyzing conventional investment models (institutional investments, private equity, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, we also explore social investing, micro-finance and mixed for-profit/philanthropic investing. there is an emphasis on mastering analytical techniques and understanding their uses through case studies and company visits, as well as individual and team projects. Restricted to Business Administration majors.