MBA 6802 - Global Competitive Strategy (2)

Starting from the last half of the twentieth century, many barriers to international trade and investment have been falling and waves of firms have been pursuing global strategies to gain competitive advantages. To create successful global strategies, managers need to understand the nature of global industries and the dynamics of global competition. This course addresses the most challenging tasks faced by multinational companies—how to create competitive advantages during globalization and the resulting needs for globally integrated strategies. Specifically, the course will cover following key topics: - Leveraging Resources and Capabilities in global competition - Impact of Institutions, Cultures and Ethics on global strategies - Managing Global competitive moves and dynamics - Growing and Internalizing the firms - Managing global strategic alliances and networks - Diversification, Merger and Acquisition in global competition - Corporate governance and organizing models of various multinational corporations - Global Strategy and its implications for corporate social responsibilities. This course will extensively use cases to illustrate how companies build and operate multinational corporations, develop and execute global strategies and deal with global competition. Prerequisites: MBA 619 or MBA 6114 or MBAI 5008 or MBA 6013 Restricted to Graduate level; Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration, Nonprofit Administration, Public Administration, Information Systems, Organization Development, and Project Management majors