MBA 6715 - Globalization of Chinese Business (2)

(Elective for International Business concentration.) This course is designed for students who have the ambition and aspiration to develop a career related to globalization of Chinese business. The phenomenon of Chinese outbound foreign direct investment has become a defining feature of China's current economic development and the 21st century global economy. China is the engine of global economic growth. The rate of globalization of Chinese business continues in defiance of the economic crisis. There is an increasing demand of businesses looking for graduates who combine sound management skills with a good understanding of the Chinese business and culture. This course will provide an overview of the trends and patterns of globalization of Chinese business, explore the opportunities and challenges facing Chinese firms expanding internationally, introduce you to the strategic management of Chinese multinational firms, and engage you in the strategic choices that Chinese multinational firms face in the global environment through case studies, company-based research projects and industry guest speakers. Restricted to Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration, and Organization Development majors.