MBA 6702 - International Business (2)

This course is a core requirement for MBA IB Concentration students. It focuses on the interplay between firms that compete in the global economy and the changing dynamics of the global marketplace. The objectives are: (1) to offer a omprehensive overview of the broad context within which businesses operate, including the economic, political, legal and cultural environment around the world, (2) to introduce an integrated framework and a set of leading concepts and theories to understand contemporary issues in international business, and (3) to help students deepen their understanding of the most fundamental question in global business: What determines the international success and failure of firms around the globe? In this course, students learn to: 1) evaluate the implications of the dynamic environment of global business and its effects on day-to-day business operations and strategy, 2) understand how institutions, both formal and informal, impact business decisions, 3) analyze the dynamics and directions of international trade and foreign direct investment in the global economy, 4) understand how firms strategically enter into foreign markets and how local firms compete and/or collaborate with foreign entrants, and 5) better understand what determines the success and failure of companies around the globe. College restricted to Sch of Bus and Prof Studies. Restricted to Graduate level