MBA 6605 - Small Business Ventures (2)

(Elective for Entrepreneurship and Innovation concentration.) Small Business Entrepreneurship is an applied course designed to give you the tools and planning skills to start and operate a small business. This course builds on the knowledge of marketing, sales, organizational behavior, finance and business plan development and focuses on the nuts and bolts of getting a small business off the ground. Legal company creation, site selection, protection, hiring of personnel, customers and anticipation of problems are addressed. A final report of the detailed tasks and timeline of starting the business from conception to beginning of sales will provide you with a roadmap and checklist to follow to increase the chances of a successful business. You will be working individually and in teams of generally 3 people. Prerequisites: MBA 614 or MBA 6103 or MBA 6104 or MBA 6014 or MBAI 5007 or MBAI 5001 or MBA 6105 Degree restricted to Master of Business Admin. Restricted to Graduate level; Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration, and Business Administration majors