MBA 6603 - Creativity and Innovation (2)

(Elective for Entrepreneurship and Innovation concentration.) Want to take any product or service, make it better and more profitable? Want to get noticed and fast-tracked as a creative innovator at work? Want to learn and apply the practical tool-kit for accomplishing this? Investigation of innovation in the corporate setting and the personal creative process, with an emphasis on understanding the role innovation plays in corporate success. Students practice methods for sharpening one's own innovative and creative skills through lectures and personal exercises designed to build both information content and a repertoire of specific techniques. Prerequisites: MBA 614 or MBA 6103 or MBA 6104 or MBAI 5007 or MBAI 5001 or MBA 6105 Colleges restricted to College of Arts and Sci (Sci) and Sch of Bus and Prof Studies. Restricted to Graduate level; Computer Science, Computer Science, Computer Science (4+1), Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration, and Business Administration majors