MBA 6401 - Advanced Leadership (2)

A retreat seminar, taught off-site, offering you an opportunity to continue to develop yourself as effective team member and dynamic leader. Through a bond with twenty other individuals, you will create a highly supportive as well as challenging environment to explore your understanding of the cultural, sociological, and psychological factors that influence self-identity, values and approaches to leadersip. You will explore ideals and visions for the future by as you work together to promote a supportive learning environment that fosters honesty, creativity, and risk-taking. The goals of the course are to increase participant's ability to manage the differences, enhance conflict resolution skills, confront issues concerning power and authority, and align their career choices with their most deeply held values and principle. Prerequisites: MBA 6103 or MBA 6104 or concurrent MBAI 5001 or MBA 614 or MBA 6014 or MBA 6105 or MBAI 5007 Degree restricted to Master of Business Admin. Restricted to Graduate level; Business Administration, Business Administration, Business Administration, and Business Administration majors