BUS 494 - Honors: Management and Organizational Dynamics (Service Learning) (4)

An introduction to the management process and examination of organizational behavior from a social science and behavioral perspective. Focus on understanding and analyzing individual and group behavior in organizations and how leaders implement strategy to impact people, policy and organizational culture. Students will learn to integrate theory and concepts with current business practices and management issues. Students will participate in a Service Learning Project, doing field work in a non-profit organization, applying the skills covered in the course. Prerequisites: RCOM 120 or RCOM 250 or RCOM 131 or RCOM 310 or RCOM 220 or RCOM 126 or RHET 126 or RHET 195 or SII 120 or RHET 120 or RHET 250 or RHET 131 or RHET 310 or RCOM 140 or RHET 140 or RHET 195