BUS 489 - Special Topic: Hospitality (2)

This course will provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to understand and implement hotel inventory distribution and revenue management tactics. The course will cover revenue management, electronic distribution, online marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online content management, and inventory management. The course will examine the role revenue management and electronic distribution play in hotel marketing and revenue generation. These disciplines are the primary engines for generating revenue, maintaining customer loyalty programs, and marketing to consumers. Through industry partnerships the course will incorporate state of the art software systems in combination with hotel market dynamics to reinforce theoretical understanding with practical real world applications. Teams will be formed to develop world hotel marketing and revenue management simulations. Each team will be assigned one hotel from JDV Hotel Management portfolio and implement promotions and yield strategies to address actual market conditions. Each team will need to share one laptop in class. Prerequisites: BUS 302 and BUS 384 and BUS 480. Restricted to Hospitality Industry Mgmt majors.