BUS 389 - Fundamentals of Culinary Skills (2)

This is a course relating to the fundamental methods and theories that are the foundation of modern culinary skills with a hands-on application of cooking techniques. This is also a team menu course that will provide culinary situations that mirror workplace challenges. In the kitchen, team groups will prepare and serve several courses from specific menus. Students will learn about cooking skills and teamwork. They will understand how their work styles impact other team members. Focus will be on productivity and improved workplace dynamics. Students will approach situations with greater confidence, clarity and professionalism and will be motivated to embrace positive life skills. Topics of study will include knife skills, stock production, soup preparation, salad making, sauces, vegetables, main courses, dessert, and palate development. Emphasis will be placed on preparations and selection of healthy, sustainable choices in ingredients and products. Prerequisite: BUS 380.