MSIS 661 Local, National, and Global Biotech

MSIS 661 - Local, National, and Global Biotech (2)

Studies the biotechnology timeline, the basic terminology of the biotech field, the applications represented by the biotech field, including pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, energy, industrial applications and biodefense, the biotech business environment of the San Francisco Bay Area - the world¿s largest biotech cluster, the capabilities of regional clusters throughout the United States, global biotech clusters, and the global industry. Professionals from the biotechnology field will present on a variety of topics. Course References include: Welcome to BioTech Nation, Moira A. Gunn, AMACOM, 2007. BayBIO Impact Report 2009. Industry Report San Francisco Bay Area California Cures 2009. Industry Report: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego Biotech Clusters. Growing the Nation's Biotech Sector, International BIO Organization Guide to Biotechnology, International BIO Organization Restricted to Graduate level; Biotechnology (4+1), Biotechnology, Business Administration, Business Administration, and Information Systems majors