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Please note that the sample syllabi on this page do not provide the current required syllabus language in areas like course description, learning outcomes, attendance policy, and honor code, many of which were revised during Summer 2012. For current requirements, please refer to emails from the Program Assistant or Department Chair regarding "Syllabus Statements" or to the Course Descriptions below (updated August 2012).

RHET 103:

RHET 103 Course Description - NEW!

RHET 103 Sample Syllabus 1

RHET 103 Sample Syllabus 2

RHET 103 Sample Syllabus 3

RHET 130/131:

RHET 130/131 Course Description - NEW!

RHET 130 Sample Syllabus 1

RHET 130 Sample Syllabus 2

RHET 130 Sample Syllabus 3

RHET 131 Sample Syllabus 1

RHET 131 Sample Syllabus 2

RHET 131 Sample Syllabus 3