Philosophy Seminars at USF

Since Philosophy Electives and Seminars tend to have topics much more specific than those indicated in the USF Course Catalog, this list (of courses taught in the past four years) provides an idea of faculty teaching interests and therefore what students might expect to have an opportunity to study in the future.  Of course, new ideas are constantly being generated by the faculty, so you can also be sure to have an opportunity to learn things not included here!

 Historical Figures

  • Jacques Maritain (Torre)
  • Aristotle, Aquinas, Dante (Cavanaugh)
  • Albert Camus (Paris)
  • Aristotle and Heidegger (Oele)
  • Plato (Torre)

Historical Periods

  • Postmodernism (Paris)
  • Pragmatism (Stump)
  • Analytic Philosophy (Stump)
  • The Enlightenment (Taylor)
  • Phenomenology (Paris)

Morality & Ethical Issues

  • Abortion and Euthanasia (Dennehy)
  • Double-Effect (Cavanaugh)
  • Philosophy of Law (Vargas)
  • Boundaries of Justice (Sundstrom)
  • War and its Effects on Society (Taylor)

Science, Knowledge, Mind, & Reality

  • Moral Psychology (Vargas, Taylor)
  • Philosophy of Biology (Spencer)
  • Embodiment (Kim)
  • Science & Objectivity (Spencer)
  • Comparative Philosophy of Mind (Kim)
  • Philosophy of Knowledge (Dennehy)

Philosophical Movements

  • Philosophy & Activism (Dennehy)
  • Feminist Thought (Taylor)
  • The Socialist Tradition (Paris)
  • Modern Asian Political Philosophy (Kim)
  • African American Philosophy (Sundstrom)