The Student Experience

Class of 2016

Christopher Bardales 1

Christopher Bardales

Alma Mater: California State University Fullerton, Communication and American Studies
Research interests: Race, Class and Gender; Regional Planning; Public Policy

Gregory Brand

Gregory Brand

Alma Mater: Fordham University, Political Science
Research interests: Economic Development and Housing

Peter Byrne

Peter Byrne

Alma Mater: Fordham University, History
Research interests: Economic Development in Civic Government Planning

Kenneth Eby

Kenneth Eby

Alma Mater: San Diego State University, English
Research interests: Equitably Increasing Bike, Transit, and Foot Access; Preventing Displacement in Transitioning Neighborhoods.

Nolizwe Nondabula

Nolizwe Nondabula

Alma Mater: Clark University, Economics
Research interests:QTPOC (Queer, Trans*, People of Color) Youth Community, Economic Development (Healing Justice)

Spencer Robert

Spencer Robert

Alma Mater: Loyola Marymount University, Urban Studies
Research interests: Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Management, Community Disaster Resiliency, Community Emergency Preparedness.

Alana Rotti

Alana Rotti

Alma Mater: University of California Irvine, Political Science
Research interests: Sexual Assault and Gender Based Violence Prevention, Police Sensitivity, Diversity/Intersectionality

Shannon Simonds

Shannon Simonds

Alma Mater: University of California San Diego, International Studies
Research interests: Sustainable City Planning, Public Transportation

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith

Alma Mater: Rhodes College, International Studies and Political Science
Research interests: Food Security, Urban Agriculture, and Immigrant and Refugee Groups

Devi Zinzuvadia 2

Devi Zinzuvadia

Alma Mater: University of Southern California, English
Research interests: Equity in Education and Housing Policy

Class of 2015


Rania R. Ahmed

Alma Mater: Cairo University, Urban Planning
Internship Placement: Community Development Department, City of Albany
Research interests: Urban Redevelopment Policy

"Urban Affairs at USF combines many skills in one program: I’m getting hands-on training in urban practice and policy on many levels."

Theo Ellington

Alma Mater: Notre Dame de Namur University, Political Science
Research interests: Community Development, Housing, Neighborhood Planning

"The program is providing me the tools and knowledge necessary to understand and analyze the issues and dynamics that cities and neighborhoods are confronting throughout the world. I feel more equipped to influence the process in which these entities operate."

Jennifer Fieber

Alma Mater: UC Berkeley, Environmental Design
Internship Placement: San Francisco Housing Rights Committee
Research interests: Affordable Housing, Data Analysis and Visualization, Local Policy Debates

"The Master's Program at USF is intimate and personalized. I appreciate the university's overall commitment to public service. The program's focus on urban issues fosters community and citizen engagement, and is providing me the practical analytic and professional skills that makes me feel I can make a difference. The professors are accessible and have deep knowledge of regional and local issues, but also put them in a larger world-wide and historical context."

Alicia Lehmer

Alma Mater: University of Pennsylvania, Political Science and Classical Studies
Internship Placement:: Home Base
Research Interests: LGBT History and Gender Relations in Communities

"The Urban Affairs Program at USF encourages students to interact with San Francisco and its unique and dynamic communities, guiding us in merging our academic interests with the urban environment in which we are living. This connection between the academic and the practical, as well as the incredible and highly knowledgeable professors and faculty, is what attracted me to the Urban Affairs program at USF."

Erika Myszynski

Alma Mater: University of San Francisco, International Studies
Internship Placement: Swords to Plowshares (Institute for Veteran Policy), Mission Bay Development Group (Design Consultation)
Research interests: Military Veteran Integration in Urban Areas, Adaptive Urban Design, Human-Centric Development, Subtle-Ambitious Planning Visions

"I selected the USF program in Urban Affairs because of my interest in connecting policy to people and place. I am intrigued with the urban liaison and hybrid developments happening in the Bay Area. This is a city of self-enforcing risk takers and policy innovation. As I maneuver through the Urban Affairs program, I seek intellectual validity as an urbanite and I am in a constant search of atypical visions of San Francisco, which often times become the subjects of my films."

Catherine Paulson

Alma Mater: University of Central Missouri, Anthropology and Sociology
Internship Placement: Community Food and Justice Coalition
Research interests: Sustainability

" I have spent the last three years working in the corporate sector and seeing first-hand what some of the problems with public policy and the inter-workings of America are so I decided to go back to graduate school so I can follow a new career path. Currently my interest are sustainable development and social justice. The Urban Affairs Program allows for my interdisciplinary focus and provides the foundation for policy and history that will allow me to build a future in sustainable development in urban centers."


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