G International and Development Economics

How to Apply

Apply Online for Fall Admission!

The M.S. in International and Development Economics program starts every fall (late August). Applicants are accepted from both economics and non-economics majors. The priority application deadline for fall applications is March 1. Applications are accepted and considered for admission until May 15.

Please note: The Department of Economics offers two graduate programs - the M.A. in Economics and the M.S. in International and Development Economics. Applicants can apply to only one of these programs.

PLEASE NOTE: To start your application, click here for important instructions and items required by all graduate programs. In addition, read below for instructions specific to the M.S. in International and Development Economics.

International applicants please click here for important instructions.

Statement of Purpose

A two-to-three page Statement of Purpose that describes the strengths and any weaknesses of your academic background, research interests, reasons for pursuing this graduate program and your educational and career goals.

Foundation Requirements

The foundation requirements represent bodies of knowledge that all students must acquire before enrolling in the core courses. All applicants must show completion of, or current enrollment in, Calculus and Statistics courses at the university or community college level. Applicants who have not taken Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, and/or Economic Methods (application of mathematics and statistics to economics) complete these classes at USF when they begin the IDEC program. The requirements are:

  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Calculus (Business calculus is not sufficient)
  • Statistics

Applicants and admitted students might consider refreshing their knowledge in a math, economics or finance subject area, through the Khan Academy. The Khan Academy offers online "micro lectures" and exercises in subjects that include microeconomics, macroeconomics, calculus, probability and statistics, linear algebra, finance and world history.

Tuition Deposit

Students who are admitted to the graduate program are required to submit a tuition deposit of $600 to reserve a space in the program after notification of admission is received. The tuition deposit due date is included in the student's letter of admission.

Advising, Registration, Orientation and Start of Classes

Admitted students should contact the Department of Economics for details about the advising and registration schedule in late August for students starting each fall. The Economics department can be contacted at 415.422.2765 or