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Thank you for your interest in the graduate programs offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. Application deadlines are listed on each program's website under "How to Apply." 

The entire application process is online. All application items can be scanned/uploaded to your online application account. Below is a list of items to be uploaded and submitted through your online account. Please remember that each program has different application requirements. It is important to review your individual program's requirements.

Please note: If you live in a developing nation where it is difficult to scan your application items, you may do the following. First, create your online application account. When you complete your application, submit your it online and mail or email your application items to our office. When we receive your items, our office will scan and upload these items to your online account. Email your items to or email our office at that you are mailing your items to us. If you live near a city where there is an EducationUSA/Fulbright office, you might visit their office where you can scan your items.


All Applicants (U.S. and International) Submit These Items:

Application Form

Begin your application online by following the "Apply Online Now" link above. Complete the required sections of the online application. Then, scan and upload your application items to your online application account. Please ensure that your scanned documents are easy to read and printable. If you are submitting test scores, you must upload a copy of your score and request that official scores are sent to USF. You are encouraged to submit your completed application several weeks before the deadline.

Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose is one of the most important pieces in your application. The instructions for the Statement of Purpose varies for each program. Visit your program's website and select 'How to Apply' for instructions on your specific program's statement of purpose.

Typically, the statement of purpose is a two- to three-page document (length varies for each graduate program) that includes: your personal, educational and career goals; your reasons for pursuing your Master's degree program; features, objectives or aspects of USF's program that interest you; and any personal, academic, extracurricular, volunteer and professional experiences that have prepared you for your graduate program or influenced your decision to pursue graduate studies.

For applicants to Computer Science or Web Science, the 'Experience and Background Essay' is required as the statement of purpose. Upload this document to your online application.


Your current resume or CV can list and describe your educational history, work or job history, coursework related to the graduate program to which you are applying, and any experiences relevant to your pursuit of graduate studies – including internships, published articles or other published materials, volunteer and/or community service experience, study or work outside of your home country, and any other interests or activities relevant to your graduate program. Upload this document to your online application.


Upload a copy of your university-issued transcript from each university, college (university-level) and community college you have attended. Please make sure the institution name is on the document you upload. Transcripts from all attended schools and study abroad programs must be submitted since universities at which you earned your Bachelor's degree often do not list transfer and study abroad courses with grades. If you have not yet graduated from your institution, submit a copy of your current transcript, showing in progress courses. Then, if admitted, request that your final, official transcript with final grades and degree conferral date be sent to the Office of Graduate Programs in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Letters of Recommendation

Follow the instructions in the online application for entering your recommenders' contact information. They will receive an email requesting that they log in to submit their letter of recommendation. You can log back into your account to send them a reminder at any time.

Test Scores (GRE and GMAT)

The USF school code for the GRE is 6996 or 4850. Below is a breakdown of the programs and GRE requirements.
GRE General score required Analytics (GMAT or GRE), Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Science
GRE Subject score recommended Biology, Chemistry
GRE not required Asia Pacific Studies, Economics, Environmental Management, International and Development Economics, International Studies, Museum Studies, Public Affairs, Sport Management, Urban Affairs, Writing
If you have taken the GRE general exam and your program does not require it, you may submit the score report if you choose to do so. You can upload your copy of your official GRE score report when you apply online, and then request ETS to send your official score report to USF.

Writing Sample (MFA in Writing Only)

A Writing Sample is only required for applicants to the MFA in Writing Program.

The writing sample, the most heavily weighed component of the MFA in Writing application, consists of 10-15 pages in the genre in which you are applying (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry). Please indicate the genre on the first page of the writing sample. Although students have the opportunity to take courses outside their primary genre, they are accepted into a genre. For this reason, applicants who wish to be considered in a second genre should submit a second writing sample in that genre. The writing sample demonstrates your talent, accomplishment, and serious commitment to writing. It should not include collaborative assignments, such as edited pieces for newspapers, because these might not accurately represent your own work. All writing samples should be set in 12 pt. type, and prose should be double-spaced.

International Applicants Submit These Additional Items:

In addition to the items listed above, international applicants need to provide the additional items listed below. Click here for more application instructions for international applicants.

English Language Test Scores

All international students must submit an English Language Test score. TOEFL, IELTS and PTE scores are accepted. The TOEFL school code for USF is 4850 or 6996. For exceptions and each programs' minimum score, please visit our International Students website and select "test scores." Please upload a copy of your score to your online application. 

International Transcripts

International applicants must submit copies from each university, college (university-level) and community college attended. In addition, you need to submit a copy of the transcript and diploma (document that indicates when a Bachelor's Degree has been completed) in the original language and in English translation (either from your university or an officially notarized translation). You will only be required to submit an official copy of your bachelor's degree transcripts and diploma if you are admitted into the university. 

Passport Photo Page

Please provide us with a copy of your passport photo/information page. Upload a copy of this page to your application. 

Certification of Finance (Only for Students Seeking an F-1 Visa)

Click here to download the Certification of Finances form and instructions. Complete the appropriate sections of the Certification of Finances form and sign it. If you have a sponsor who will assist in providing financial support for your graduate studies in the U.S., please have your sponsor complete and sign the "Sponsor's Funds" section. Include copies of supporting bank statement(s). Upload these documents to your online application. You do not need to submit this item if you will not be maintaining an F-1 student visa.