Life Disrupted: The Psychic Wound in Early Life

Shawn Doubiago

CMPL 195
Core C1 & CD

Course Description:

In this course we take an in-depth look at literary representations of childhood trauma focusing on ethnic, class, gender, power, and globalization issues that children often face today. Along side these representations we will read trauma theory as well as theories of healing through narratives in order to better understand the role of art and narrative in our societies. During this process we will investigate the differences between difficulties inherent to certain childhood experiences and traumas. We will consider these theories and representations in relation to real-world issues through dialogue and focus on 21st century childhood experience. We will trace these issues in World literature, film, and culture.

Faculty Bio:

Shawn Doubiago’s passion for travel and for encounters with diverse cultures has led her to live in places such as Japan, Mexico, Italy, France, and Jerusalem. Her early interest in representations of conflict in literarature was sparked in part by her travels, and by her need to understand human capacity for violence. She received her B.A. in Comparative Literature from American University of Paris. In graduate school, Doubiago immersed herself in theories of trauma, gender, race, and postcoloniality. Her approach to literature and culture is pluridisciplinary. “Literature of the Child: Trauma and Healing” reflects her multidisciplinary approach as well as her continued passion for literature and culture.