Chinese Americans in California: Connecting the Past with Contemporary US Immigration

Genevieve Leung

ESL 195

Course description:

This course is a survey of Chinese American immigration, particularly immigration in and to California. We will start from the 1800s and work our way to present-day trends. We will touch upon issues related to (but not limited to) language, schooling, discrimination, and immigration policy.  We will address questions such as: why should we care about Chinese American history?  How does it connect with larger California and U.S. history?  Why is it necessary for us to understand this historical backdrop to connect with contemporary immigration?  Why was San Francisco an important site for Chinese American immigration?  Why was Chinese American history omitted in public record for so long, and how can we celebrate and raise awareness about these important histories?

Faculty bio:

Genevieve Leung is an Assistant Professor in Rhetoric and Language.  She received her Ph.D. in Educational Linguistics and is interested in heritage language maintenance, particularly in varieties of Cantonese in the U.S.  She has done extensive work collecting intergenerational Chinese American narratives of the immigration experience and family language use.