Drama Queens: Theater in Elementary Education

Christine Young

THTR 195
Core F

Course Description:

The US is at an educational crossroads: at the same time that funds for public education are being cut in most states, there is new research showing that creativity and imaginative thinking are the key skills needed by the workforce of tomorrow. This course will explore the potential of theater as a tool for promoting engagement, self-discovery, and critical thinking through a hands-on residency at a public elementary school in San Francisco. Through readings, workshops with arts educators, and the planning and teaching of our own creative lesson plans, we will learn about the value and impact of integrating arts education into the public school system. We will also explore a variety of teaching and learning styles and build one-on-one mentor relationships with elementary students as we guide them in the process of writing and staging short plays.

Faculty Bio:

Christine Young teaches in the Performing Arts & Social Justice program. As a professional theater director and dramaturg, she has worked with many playwrights to develop and stage new plays. She has also worked as a teaching artist with K-12 students in both public and private schools. She is passionate about new plays, Shakespeare, gender and sexuality, and making sure every student in San Francisco experiences art everyday.