Transcendence in Film & Fiction

Mark Miller

THRS 195
Core D2

Course Description:

Theology, according to Thomas Aquinas, is the study of God and all things in relation to God, or ultimate reality. Why do we live? What is real? How do we know? Human living is in many ways problematic. Are there ultimately any answers? In this course, we shall examine human living from its darkest depths to its most brilliant heights – from sin, nihilism, and violence to virtue, love, and reconciliation. We shall examine these themes as they are presented in novels and movies that will challenge our senses and our imaginations, our intellects and our decisions.

Faculty Bio:

Originally from Las Vegas, Prof. Miller studied international relations at Georgetown University to better understand the challenges facing our increasingly interdependent world. After graduating, he wrote for a US Senator and a newspaper. He taught philosophy, theology, and writing at the junior high, high school, and college levels. His study and work experience led him to think theology had the best answers to practical, political problems. So he studied theology in Germany and at Boston College. His doctoral dissertation focused on the potentially redemptive role of suffering. He has taught theology, Philippine studies, and Tae Kwon Do at USF since 2008.