Fall 2012 Freshman Seminar Courses

Student melting glass
Susan Wolsborn's FYS: Craft class visited Public Glass in Bayview

American Cultures
Dance in San Francisco
Drama Queens & Dragon Dreams: Theater in Elementary Education
Ethics and Film Noir
Ethics and the Blues:Thinking Deep about Feeling Low
Exploring Asian Art San Francisco
Filipina Lives and Voices in Literature
Food, Language, and Culture
French Culture and Cuisine
Frida Kahlo: Crossing Cultural Boundaries 
God, Science, and the Meaning of Life
Good Germs, Bad Germs: Microbiology and Infectious Disease in San Francisco
GreenSpeech: Communication and the Environment
Haight-Ashbury, the Diggers, and Lessons for Cultural Transformation
Human Biology
Jewish American Literature
Jews, Judaisms, and Jewish Identities
Language and Power: The Rhetoric of Nationalism and Social Justice
Literature of the Child
Literature and the Law
Looking to Learn: Visual Culture, Global Perspectives
Love, Death, and Intrigue: Opera in San Francisco
Lovers of Wisdom
Mathematics and the Impossible
Nature's Rhetoric: From Muir to Noir
Performing Asian America
Philosophy & Science Fiction
Politics & Multiculturalism in San Francisco
San Francisco: Bohemia, Counterculture, Subcultures
San Francisco Urbanism
Seeing Multicultural San Francisco: Diversity and Its Representations
Self, Society, & Social Networks
Sidewalk: The Rhetoric of Walking, Chalking, Crawling and Other Acts of Discourse and Dissent
Speaking of Politics
Sports Talk: The Rhetoric of Sports
Strangers in Paradise: Migrants and Religion in San Francisco
Telling San Francisco's Stories
Transcendence in Film & Fiction
Visualizing San Francisco: Exploring Signage & Public Spaces
Voice, Memory & Landscape
Writing About Human Rights