Politics and Multiculturalism in San Francisco

Kouslaa Kessler-Mata

POLS 195
Core E

Course Description:

San Francisco is one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in our nation. From the gold rush era to the present, the City has served as a meeting ground for immigrant communities from throughout the world. While this diversity brings with it much to celebrate, it also poses significant political and policy challenges, the outcome of which help define the character of the City and are reflected in the design of our policies and political institutions.

In this course, we will employ theories of multiculturalism that seek to answer how different cultures and communities can live together in the same polity. We will examine the variety of ways the City of San Francisco has embraced, accommodated, rejected, and, more generally, addressed the issues and conflicts that manifest in such a diverse environment.

Faculty Bio:

Kouslaa Kessler-Mata teaches American Politics and Political Theory in the Politics Department. Her area of specialty is American Indian politics and policy, particularly tribal relations with state governments. Her graduate degrees are from the University of Chicago. She is a native Californian, a former Coro Fellow, and she holds a B.A. from San Francisco State University.