Tuition and Fees Schedule for Academic Year 2009-10

Effective Summer 2009

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Tuition Per Unit Semester Annual (Fall/Spring) Program
Undergraduate Tuition        
Arts and Sciences, Business & Nursing
*Less than 12 units or units over 18
$1,225* $17,215 $34,430  
Professional Studies $790      
Graduate Tuition        
Arts and Sciences: $1,075      
     Chemistry, Biology, Theology $965      
     MSFA (Professional)   $12,495 $24,990  
   MBA $1,160      
   MBAE   $19,835    
   MGEM   $12,000   $36,000
   Masters $995      
   Doctoral $995      
Professional Studies $885      
   Masters $975      
     Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership $465      
   Credential Programs $795      
     TED Catholic School $465      
   Doctoral $1,085      
      Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership $515      
   Full-time (JD and LLM)   $18,615 $37,230  
   Part-time (JD per unit) $1,330      
   Part-time (LLM per unit) $1,488      

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Fees (Mandatory)
Per Unit/Lab
ASUSF (traditional undergraduates only)   $80 $160
Muni Pass (traditional undergraduates only)*   $90 $180
Health Insurance (refer to Health Insurance Policy)*   $454/fall
GBSA (MBA students only)   $35 $70
SBAC (Full-time Law students only)   $35 $70
SBAC (Part-time Law students only, per unit) $1.75    
LRAP Fee (JD Law students only)   $5  
Law Visiting Student Fee   $250  
Law Intensive Advocacy Program

    (Materials cost, per course)

Law Re-Examination Fee $500    
    Clinical Lab      
    Undergraduate (per lab) $100    
    Graduate Clinical (per lab) $150    
    Malpractice Insurance      
    Undergraduate (per Clinical Lab) $25    
    Graduate (per Clinical Lab) $25    
 *This fee is subject to negotiations with the City of San Francisco and is charged only to those
 undergraduate students on the San Francisco campus in the College of Arts and Sciences, the
 School of Business and Management, and the School of Nursing.
Fees (Other)
Per Request/
Payment Plan Enrollment Fee, per semester
(students must enroll in the payment plan prior
to semester payment due date or at time of registration)
Monthly Service Late Fee, per month, applicable
to outstanding student account balance (applies
to students not enrolled in the Payment Plan)
Late Registration Fee/Re-Registration Fee   $75  
Returned Transaction Fee, per transaction $25    
Account Research Fee, per hour $25    
Statement of Account Fee, per request $10    
Transcript Fee, per copy $5    
Courses Challenged by Exam Fee, per unit $50    
Room Rates- Traditional Style Halls Semester Annual (Fall/Spring)
Small Double Room $3,695 $7,390
Double Room $3,865 $7,730
Large Double Room $4,115 $8,230
Triple Room $3,095 $6,190
Small Single Room $4,975 $9,950
Large Single Room $5,365 $10,730
Room Rates- Apartment Style Living Semester Annual (Fall/Spring)
Apartment Type I Double $4,875 $9,750
Apartment Type II Double $5,025 $10,050
Apartment Type III Double $5,200 $10,400
Apartment Triple $4,020 $8,040
Apartment Small Single $4,990 $9,980
Apartment Large Single $5,370 $10,740
Board Rates
Board plan required for residents of Fulton House Cottage, Phelan, Gillson, Hayes-Healy, Lone Mountain, and Fromm Halls. 
Board Rates Semester Annual (Fall/Spring)
Flexi-cash Standard Meal Plan $1,905 $3,810

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The University of San Francisco requires a mandatory hard waiver health insurance for the following students:
  • All full-time undergraduate domestic students registered for 9 units or more (excluding the College of Professional Studies and Branch Campuses)
  • All international students on an F-1 or J-1 visa and registered for at least 1 unit (this includes undergraduate, graduate, and law students)
  • Students who reside in the University-operated housing (including graduate and professional students)

Hard Waiver Health Insurance

Students will be automatically enrolled in and have their accounts billed for the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan. Students enrolled for classes in the fall semester will have insurance coverage from mid-August to mid-January. Students enrolled in the spring semester will have insurance coverage from mid-January to mid-August.

Students who are able to prove that they have coverage comparable (equal or better) to the University-sponsored plan under a United States-domiciled health insurance company may waive this requirement each academic year. Domestic students may waive this requirement through the online waiver form at ( ). International students must waive it in person at the Health Promotion and Services office (UC 200) to ensure that their health insurance policy meets the minimum insurance requirement established by United States federal government regulations. If the waiver is approved, the student's account will be credited accordingly. Students are expected to maintain comparable health insurance coverage at all times during their waiver period. If the online waiver is denied, students may appeal the waiver denial at the Health Promotion Services office.

Other Students

Students who commence their enrollment in the summer session are not automatically enrolled in and not billed for the University-sponsored health plan. These students must purchase the coverage for the summer session or apply for a waiver in order to comply with the USF health insurance policy.

Graduate Students

Graduate and professional students who reside in the University-operated housing are not automatically enrolled in and not billed for the University-sponsored health plan. These students must purchase the coverage or apply for a waiver in order to comply with the USF health insurance policy.

Students registered for at least 6 units in the School of Law, College of Professional Studies or another graduate program can elect to purchase the University-sponsored health insurance plan online.

More Information

For the 2009-10 academic year, the Chickering Group, an Aetna company, will administer the USF-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan.

USF health insurance requirements, plan benefits, online waiver request form, waiver period, and deadlines will be published at Health Promotion Services. For further information, please contact Health Promotion Services at  or (415) 422-6809.