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USF in Zambia (Lusaka)

This program creates integrated learning and service opportunities in communities battling HIV and AIDS. The program offers an understanding of HIV and AIDS by introducing socio-economic factors, gender, cultural, war, migration and political factors to the complex study of HIV and AIDS in Zambia and sub-Saharan Africa. Students will be immersed in a 4-credit Community Service project in conjunction with service partners who aim to provide communities with adequate shelter, healthcare, formal and informal education, and rehabilitation. Fieldtrips, pre-travel service learning, and an exciting glimpse of Zambian culture will afford participants an experiential definition of ubuntu, or community building. Offered in collaboration with the Catholic University of Zambia.

Registration: Zambia Today-Lusaka: INTD-331-01 (4 units, Summer 2014)

Tuition: 2 Summer Units.
Students are also responsible for airfare, housing, meals, and incidentals.

*Students must take the INTD 328-01 Pre-Travel course in the Spring in order to apply for the summer program.

For additional information, please contact Professor Lilian Dube at or x5031

Students are eligible for the Pedro Claver, S.J. scholarship for immersions in the developing world (50% off tuition). Only USF students are eligible for this scholarship.


First Cohort: May 21, 2014- June 21, 2014

Second Cohort: June 20, 2014- July 21, 2014

"Jumbos" in the safari.
AIDS education
AIDS education workshp.
AIDS workshop
AIDS education workshp.
Exploring falls
Exploring the Victoria Falls.
Playing with kids
Student playing with kids.
Playing with kids 2
Student playing with kids.
Hugging a kid
Student hugging a kid.
Hanging out
Student hanging out with a girl.
Alison Huang
Student hang out with a kid.
Recycling project
Recycling project with ZCU.
Sports rehab
Sports for Rehab with student.
Kids gathered together with student.
Student with kids.
student with some kids
Drawing together.


Below is a copy of the Study Abroad in Zambia brochure.

USF in Zambia Today INTD 331 (S-L) is a 4-credit summer program which provides students ample opportunities for academic, cultural and spiritual growth through service learning in diverse communities of San Francisco and Zambia impacted by HIV and AIDS.

USF in San Francisco

During the spring semester, students at USF have the op- portunity to take a 2-unit pre-travel class, INTD 328-01 with 15 hours of community service at Project Open Hand in San Francisco. The focus is on providing nutritious and balanced meals for those with HIV and AIDS and preparing students for Service-Learning in Zambia as they learn about global issues at home and abroad.

USF in Lusaka

Students take classes to understand the economic, socio- cultural and political structure of Zambia.

JCTR - Students take formal classes at the Jesuit Center for Theological Reflection where they learn about HIV and AIDS from the world-renowned author Michael Kelly, S.J., who has published extensively about AIDS and social justice. Students also study with Zambian economist Charity Musamba focusing on the economic situation in Zambia, looking at poverty and the government policies that have influenced it. They undertake research with JCTR on the basic needs basket survey, a monthly survey of prices of basic family necessities and compare the findings with take-home wages of satellite homes that are headed by women or children in Lusaka.

FENZA - Students take cultural/language classes including Zambian culture “do’s and don’ts” at the FENZA cultural center. Zambian Parliament
Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia. Students are able to enjoy a tour of the Parliament and a lecture from the Assistant Principal Clerk.

USF in The Copperbelt

USF students take classes at Zambia Catholic University and focus on Street Children impacted by extreme poverty, HIV and AIDS in the mining town of Kitwe.

Studying at Zambia Catholic University - Classes from Zambia Catholic University provide USF students with a firm basis for understanding the complex phenomena they encounter on the streets of Kitwe and the larger community. Classes at ZCU will provide invaluable cultural and educational experience for USF and ZCU students.

Children on the Kitwe Streets - USF’s community partner in Kitwe, Friends of the Street Children, provides students with guided opportunities to play, teach and learn from homeless children living with HIV as they participate in their rehabilitation journey.

Deep in the Earth’s Belly at Mopani Mine - A day at the mine includes a lecture on the business ethics of copper production, environmental justice, insights from below the mine shafts, and relaxing at the Rokana Reservoir Club.

USF in Rural Village Communities - The focus is on HIV/AIDS Clinics in rural Zambia. Twenty miles from Kitwe into the extremely poverty stricken rural villages, there is an island of hope in the form of St. Joseph Catholic Mission with a school for deaf children, a hospital, a free HIV/AIDS center, and a church, all serving the rural community. The clinic and hospital are run on meager manpower. Students serve and learn for two long days that are both rewarding and emotionally challenging as they learn from the spirit of survival. The evenings are marked with cultural immersions, dance, and growing up ritual instructions as opportunities for sex education and talk about HIV/AIDS.

USF in Chimfunshi Chimpanzee Wildlife Orphanage - The focus is on environmental studies on the Chimfunshi Chimpanzee Wildlife Orphanage. USF students and Profes- sor Lillian Dube meet Gonzaga University students and Professor Mark Bodamer camping in the wilds to study wild life, the environment, and conservation. Exchange learning of Gonzaga research on the Chimfunshi chimps and USF experiences of global service-learning in communities impacted heavily by HIV and AIDS take place formally in a session and conversationally as we share meals and stories in evenings around an open fire. We celebrate Mass together in memory of the martyrs of Uganda.

USF in The Zambezi Valley

The focus is on the impact of tourism, gender imbalances, and extreme poverty that push women into prostitution among the corridor communities struggling with HIV and AIDS in this little town. Livingstone is also home of the Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Deep in the Zambezi escarpment, the USF service-learning program helps students to learn as they work alongside two organizations that equip these women with survival means.

Kwenuha Women’s Association - A faith-based organization run by Catholic nuns is commited to social change through economic empowerment and training of women who are mostly HIV positive from the rampant sex industry. USF students share their experience of kwenuha (awakening) through stories and work in small scale economic projects.

Corridors of Hope - An NGO focused on AIDS education for prevention and care of the victims by running a free clinic for these women’s health needs and conducting a rigorous AIDS education campaign at the center and in the community through community theater and dance drama in schools and at the open market that USF students will be a part of in Livingstone.