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USF in Colombia


This interdisciplinary immersion program will take you to Bogota, one of the most exciting urban centers in Latin America, as well as to San Andres and Providencia, Colombian islands that are among one of the main tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

A Latin American city with all the contrast, vitality and contradictions inherent to this region of the world, Bogota will prove to be not only a thought provoking and unforgettable immersion, but it will introduce you to the complexities of a Latin American megalopolis and thus will provide you with an understanding of a city in one of the regions of the world where the future of the urban experience will be played out during the twenty first century. During the third week of the immersion, we will also travel to San Andres and Providencia to be part of an international workshop whose main objective is to understand this region’s developing urban culture and to offer sustainable solutions to the challenges it faces. Visibly impacted by tourism and globalization, many of the issues we will study in relation to a sprawling megalopolis of Bogota, will emerge as well in San Andres.

Your final project will be an exhibit in a city gallery where you will show visual work on topics raised by the immersion, in one of the following mediums: photography, video, architectural drawing and design

Knowledge of the Spanish language is not a requirement. Classes and reading material will be in English, and students will have access to translation when needed.

Contact: Prof. Pedro Lange Churion, or Prof. Tanu Sankalia,

Dates: May 27, 2013 - June 21, 2013