Giving to USF

Meet the Student Philanthropy Committee

Meet the members of the University of San Francisco Student Philanthropy Committee.

Alexa Carbajal, Director of Fundraising

Alexa Carbajal '13 PsyD '18

Hometown: Alamo, California
Major: First year in the PsyD program
Why I am on the SPC: I have experienced, first hand, someone having to leave the University due to inability to cover the costs of enrollment. I am passionate about increasing support for scholarships because I want ensure that the University has the opportunity enroll wonderful, intelligent, and passionate people. I also want to help deserving people attain the same comprehensive and rich education that I received here.
From Here, I
hope to use my USF education to work with adolescents in underserved communities overcome their eating disorders. 


Emily Carroll '17

Coeur d' Alene, Idaho
Major: Psychology
Why I am on the SPC: I am on the SPC to become more involved in philanthropy at USF. I want to become more involved in volunteer work at USF and in San Francisco. I believe this organization will help me better myself and others, while doing good for the community and those who need a helping hand.
From Here, I…want to become a clinical psychologist specializing in youth depression and suicide in order to provide relief and help struggling youth who are in a bad place with their lives, and help them get to a path of happiness and success.

Natalie Gallo '16

Hometown: Alamo, California
Major: Psychology
Why I am on the SPC: I want to give other students the opportunity I have at USF. I want them to be able to experience the endless chances we have to be a part of what we are most passionate about and use it as a platform to change the world.
From Here, I…want to learn as much as possible, explore different countries and their justice issues, and use my passion that I developed at USF to do something that will promote solidarity in all communities of the world.

Megan Kenney '16

Hometown: Newport Beach, California
Major: Kinesiology, minor in Neuroscience
Why I am on the SPC: Making a difference in someone's life makes my life meaningful. I hope I can help others while inspiring them to give back themselves.
From Here, I…would like to go to graduate school and get my doctorate of physical therapy so I can help the severely disabled and those suffering from spinal cord injuries.

Eva Long '15

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Major: Politics, minor Public Service and Community Engagement
Why I am on the SPC: 
From Here, I


Maddy Meininger '15

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Major: Politics, minor in Public Service and Community Engagement
Why I am on the SPC: Sometimes it feels like we will only be a part of the USF community when we are students. I want to help find other ways for my classmates to keep being a part of USF after we graduate.
From Here, I…know I will have the support from faculty, staff, peers and alumni while I figure out what I want to do with my life.

 Sascha SPC

Sascha Rosemond '15

Hometown: Pasadena, California
Major: Communication Studies, minor in Sociology
Why I am on the SPC: I am passionate about Student Philanthropy Committee for the students that attend USF.  The students are what makes USF so special and it is important to find ways to keep them here and educate them about philanthropy and the importance of giving back so that will do the same for generations to come.
From Here, I…will make the world a better place and strive to live my life for and with others.  

Nichole Vasquez '17

Hometown: Orange, California
Why I am on the SPC: 
From Here, I


Sarah Wilhelm '15

Why I am on the SPC: 
From Here, I


Kimmera Wilson '15

Hometown: East Palo Alto, California
Major: Psychology, minor in Child and Youth Studies
Why I am on the SPC: My history with the phonathon and working as a student intern in the Annual Giving Office helped me learn about the financial need that many students at USF face. From there it has encouraged me to want to help raise awareness of the importance of gifts to USF. 
From Here, Iwant to make a difference in the lives of Bay Area children. I want to start a non-profit that works with underprivileged youth, specifically those who have been involved in the juvenile judicial system.


Nick Wu '16

Hometown: Qingdao, China
Major: Accounting and Entrepreneurship 
Why I am on the SPC: 
From Here, I