Recreation and Club Sports

Match point, not grade point. Home runs, not homework. Playbooks, not textbooks. Are you game?

USF Club Sports are where students meet and compete alongside fellow Dons who share a passion for the same sport. The university supports 34 club teams, many of which compete in intercollegiate competition, regional, and national tournaments.  Participants are highly encouraged, but not required, to compete.

Team Sports

The university offers a wide range of team sports, all of which practice on campus.  Practices are two-to-three times per week in the afternoons.  All of the teams are coached by former players with collegiate experience or higher.

Combat Sports

We offer a wide variety of combat sports on campus, many of which compete in local and regional competitions. All teams practice on campus and are taught by properly trained instructors. Recently, USF has produced national champions in both boxing and judo, as well as many tournament medalists in Brazilian jiu jitsu and taekwondo.

Individual Sports

The university offers a variety of individual sports. These clubs allow students to represent USF at events and tournaments of their choosing.

Performing Arts

USF currently supports two dance companies: contemporary and hip hop.  Both clubs host a spring performance each year on campus. Both clubs host auditions for students that would like to participate in their spring shows.  They also teach a recreational class for beginners and those not interested in joining the company.

Have a question about sport clubs? Please contact the Recreational Sports Department, at