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Erin Echols
Co-Director, Cultural Centers

Erin Echols

Erin Echols is one of the Co-Directors of the University of San Francisco's Cultural Centers, which include the Intercultural Center and Gender and Sexuality Center.  Prior to coming to USF, Erin served at California Polytechnic State University for eight years, most recently as the Assistant Director of the Dean of Students Office for the Cross Cultural Centers. Additionally, Erin worked at Colby-Sawyer College for five years as the Assistant Director of Campus Activities and Orientation Program Coordinator.

Her educational background includes an MA in Educational Leadership from California Polytechnic State University, an MFA from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and a BS from the University of New Haven.

Erin has focused on increasing the retention and persistence of underrepresented students at colleges and universities through programming and research. A highlight of her work in this area was a research study specific to the retention of LGBTQIA students.

As a passionate student affairs professional, Erin’s interests include social justice programming, strategic planning, assessment, collaboration development, marketing, and fiscal planning. Her professional organization and community involvement has included founding and chairing the Pride Faculty Staff Association at Cal Poly and serving on the executive board of the California Council of Cultural Centers in Higher Education.  At Cal Poly, Erin was proud to receive the Chandler Award for excellence in Student Affairs.

Alejandro Covarrubias
Co-Director, Cultural Centers

Alejandro Covarrubias

Alejandro Covarrubias is one the of Co-Directors of the University of San Francisco's Cultural Centers, which include the Intercultural Center and Gender and Sexuality Center. He served as the Assistant Director of the Cultural Centers at USF for three and a half years prior to becoming the Co-Director. Alejandro has over a decade of experience in Jesuit education and has had the opportunity to work on three Jesuit campuses.

He is currently earning an Ed.D. in International and Multicultural Education with an emphasis in Human Rights Education at the University of San Francisco. His educational background also includes an MS in Student Affairs in Higher Education with a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies from Colorado State University and a BA in Psychology with a certificate in Ministry from Gonzaga University.

Alejandro is passionate about social justice and empowering students from marginalized identities to find their voice. He has designed programs and worked to retain underserved populations at USF, specifically coordinating programs for men of color and creating sexual violence prevention and education programs for different communities on campus. He has focused on developing intergroup dialogue skills and social justice foundations that enable students, staff, and faculty to engage in deeper and more meaningful ways across difference.

His key passion areas are racial justice, constructing healthy masculinities, gender violence prevention, and allyship with the LGBTQ community. Alejandro is dedicated to challenging himself and others to think critically about social justice and identity issues from both the head and the heart. He was honored to receive the USF’s Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award in 2014.

Program Assistant for the Cultural Centers

Lionell Daggs

 Graduate Interns for the Cultural Centers

Shella Cervantes
Graduate Intern for the Gender & Sexuality Center

Shella is a Graduate Intern in the GSC that comes to us from the Masters in Public Health program. Shella specializes in gender and sexuality working as a sexual health educator with CCSF teaching in high school and community college classrooms and as a medical advocate for SFWAR. You can also find them as staff or volunteering for several local LGBTQ conventions.

Ian Zamora
Graduate Intern for the Gender & Sexuality Center

Ian ZamoraIan is a graduate student in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Master's program in the School of Education. His goal is to infuse social justice and hip hop into higher education while supporting and providing students with the means to advocate for themselves and their communities. Through the Gender and Sexuality Center, Ian is looking forward to building solidarity with the campus community while engaging in critical dialogue around issues of social justice. His interests outside of work include rock climbing, reading, finding the next best coffee shop, hip hop, and exploring the city on his bike.

Denise Diaz
Graduate Intern for the Intercultural Center

Denise DiazDenise is a graduate student in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Program in the School of Education. She was born and raised in Southern California. She's a proud Mexican-American and mujer (womxn) who aspires to be apart of the solution by taking action and attaining the best educational tools and professional practice she can get to continue being an agent of social change to the historically underrepresented communities she aims to assist. Her passion lies in using her intersecting identities to foster inclusive spaces that will challenge and empower folks to utilize their own multiple identities and become active agents in their community and develop their own educational journey, all while incorporating themes of authenticity, self-awareness and self-care. Denise is an avid traveler and adventure seeker. In her spare time she loves hiking, blogging and spending time with her four legged fur-babies.

Undergraduate Interns

Jessica Baumann
Diversity Education Intern for the Intercultural Center

Jessica BaumannJessica is a transfer student majoring in Psychology. Through the Intercultural Center, Jessica aims to expand her knowledge of social justice issues while providing her own perspective as a Bay Area native and Latina in order to help develop programs that will increase awareness on campus of the current social justice issues affecting our society and creating initiatives that provide a strong sense of community. 

Kirsten Botello
Diversity Education Intern for the Gender & Sexuality Center

Kristen BotelloKirsten is a fourth-year Psychology major and a Spanish Studies minor. She ventured from little Woodstock, Illinois because she was interested in gaining a new perspective and using what she learned to work with the community itself. She admires the spaces that the Cultural Centers have provided to the USF students and she is excited to be a part of these spaces. Her goal is to continue creating a place for students to not only reflect and connect with their identities and perspectives but take part in empowering and understanding their peers. Through the Gender Sexuality Center, she hopes to be able to explore her identity as a womxn of color and help others delve into understanding and appreciating the many perspectives and identities that make up USF. When she is not working or at school, she enjoys spending time with friends, binging on Criminal Minds, and singing and dancing like no one is watching. So if you’d like to chat or just dance around, just swing by.

Carlos Calles
Graphics and Marketing Intern for the Cultural Centers

Carlos CallesCarlos is a second-year Sociology major and Music minor. During his childhood, Carlos found a deep passion for the creative arts. He spent all of his free time working on graphic design, photography, video, and music. His roots in the East Bay have harvested an extreme desire to see positive change in the world. As the Graphics Intern for the Cultural Centers, Carlos feels he gets to combine his two passions by creating designs that promote understanding and equality on campus. In his spare time, Carlos enjoys making music, doing photoshoots with friends, watching sports, and spending time with those that mean the most to him.

Annalyn Constantine
Diversity Education Intern for the Intercultural Center

Annalyn ConstantineAnnalyn is a third-year International Studies major double minoring in Asian Studies and Philosophy. While originally from Washington state, she grew up in the midwestern Wisconsin for most of her years. She is excited to be in the crazy wonderful city of SF and to take on new perspectives on life, culture, and diversity, as well as grow as a person herself. Anna is passionate academically about racial formation, philosophy, and self-care, and hopes to share and learn from others through the Intercultural Centers. Outside work her hobbies are cooking, reading, cycling, and she is a huge fan of Kpop so come say hi!

Terence Ho
Graphics and Marketing Intern for the Cultural Centers

Terence, originally from the Northern Mariana Islands, is a Junior with a major in Design. His personal artistic work involves addressing social issues, focusing on discussions about identity. He is hoping that through the Cultural Centers, he can create a safe space for people who come from all walks of life. If he's not at the Cultural Centers, he's probably getting a tattoo... again.

Diana Kalaji
Arts Intern for the Gender & Sexuality Center

Diane KalajiDiana is a fourth year double majoring in Performing Arts and Social Justice and Media Studies. She is looking forward to being a part of the gender and sexuality center as an arts intern and hopes to help create safe spaces where students can express themselves artistically. Due to recent tragedies, Diana hopes to find community and healing with other students while using art as a tool in strengthening our communities. Diana loves meeting new people, and learning about their stories and truths.

Angela Kasturiraj
Arts Intern for the Intercultural Center

Angela KasturirajAngela, or as her friends and family know her, Anju, is entering her third year. She's a Critical Diversity Studies major with a focus on gender and sexuality studies. She's excited for her new position as IC Arts Intern and Lyricist Lounge host, and she can't wait to see how she grows alongside the rest of the USF community. Outside of work, her interests include spoken word poetry, cooking, and dancing to early 2000s pop.

Taylor Morson
Diversity Education Intern for the Gender & Sexuality Center

Taylor MorsonTaylor is a sophomore psychology major from Boston, MA. She hopes to graduate from USF in 2018 and eventually go to medical school.

Her hobbies include geocaching, reading, singing and playing with any dog she can find!

Elizabeth Spears
Diversity Education Intern for the Gender & Sexuality Center

Beth is a third year Sociology major with a double minor in Chinese Studies and Community Engagement and Public Service in the Honors in the Humanities program. In and out of the Gender and Sexuality Center Beth hopes to spread acceptance on campus through knowledge. In the next year she's excited to broaden her perspective in gender and sexuality issues and become a stronger resource for those in need. When she's not on the fourth floor of the UC or with her sisters of Delta Zeta her free time is spent wandering forgotten trails and experimenting with vegan cuisine.

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