Culturally Focused Clubs Council

The Cultural Centers team works closely with various culturally focused student-driven clubs, organizations, and programs at USF. Culturally Focused Clubs Council (CFCC) is a group of club representatives who meet bi-monthly to participate in intergroup leadership development, cultural competency, and ally-building training.

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American Sign Language ClubAmerican Sign Language (ASL) Club

Members practice and acquire sign language skills by interacting with other members of the ASL community. Additionally, the club strengthens communication between deaf and hearing communities while providing education about ASL and deaf culture.

Arab Student Union

Arab Student Union

The Arab Student Union helps Arab and American students of Arab descent get involved on campus. The union also shares Arabian culture, history, and entertainment with the USF community.

Baile Folklorico de San Pancho

Baile Folklórico de San Pancho

Baile Folklórico de San Pancho seeks to share Latin@ culture with USF and its neighbors through Mexican folk dance. Students from all ethnic backgrounds and levels of dance experience are invited to join.

Black Student Union (BSU)Black Student Union (BSU)

Recognizing that pluralism and diversity add value to the college experience and society as a whole, the BSU seeks to educate and involve the university community in the African American experience.

Brother ConnectionBrother Connection

Brother Connection is an organization on USF’s campus that functions as a supportive network for men of color. Students from all racial and ethnic backgrounds are also welcome.

Chinese Students and Scholars AssociationChinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

The CSSA supports members’ transition to life in San Francisco and promotes Chinese culture and customs through on-campus activities.

French ClubFrench Club

Through the organization of cultural, social, and academic activities, French Club provides for its members the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the French language and Francophone culture.

German Club

Through various cultural, social, and academic activities, the German Club hopes to expand its members’ knowledge of authentic and modern German culture while at the same time facilitating conversation that evokes interest in the language.

Hawaiian EnsembleHawaiian Ensemble

The University of San Francisco's Hawaiian Ensemble is dedicated to promoting and preserving Hawaiian cultural traditions through na mele (song), hula (dance), and olelo Hawaii (language).

Hellenic Student UnionHellenic Student Association

The Hellenic Student Association brings together people of Hellenic heritage and people interested in the culture. Anybody affiliated with USF or residing in the greater San Francisco Bay Area is welcome to join.

Hui' O HawaiiHui' O Hawaii

Hui 'O Hawai'i is a cultural organization that observes and appreciates the Hawaiian culture in efforts to promote the Aloha Spirit and the concept of 'Ohana (family).

Indian Student Association (ISO)Indian Student Organization (ISO)

ISO creates an inclusive cultural environment to educate members as well as the USF community on the current events and cultural history of India and South Asia.

International Student Association (ISA)International Student Association (ISA)

ISA serves as the voice of international students by promoting cultural education, advocating for the USF international student body, providing a social community, creating social interaction, and developing educational opportunities for cultural enrichment.

Japanese Culture Club (JSA)Japan Culture Club (JSA)

Japanese conversation tables, Ikebana, tea ceremonies, sword demonstrations, Japantown trips, movie nights — the Japan Culture Club is an opportunity for students to learn more about the Japanese language and traditional culture.

USF KasamahanUSF Kasamahan

Kasamahan promotes the unity and cultural richness of USF’s Filipino-American community by actively involving educational and pre-professional programs that aid in the assessment, development, and actualization of each member’s potential and personal talents.

Latinas Unidas (LU)Latinas Unidas (LU)

Latinas Unidas (LU) provides a network of support for academic and social endeavors within USF’s Latin community. LU promotes the development of its members through involvement in social, scholarly, and service programs and events.


MEChA de USF creates Chican@/Latin@ nationalism in which cultural, economic, political, and social empowerment is used to liberate nuestra gente. We will reflect on our oppressed history, celebrate our achievements, and take risks needed for a better future.

Queer AllianceQueer Alliance

Queer Alliance strives to create an inclusive and affirming space for all members of USF’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, pansexual, asexual, and agender community to support each other and continue to grow through higher education.

Sister ConnectionSister Connection

Sister Connection addresses the needs of women of color on USF’s campus through meetings, social programs, and community service. Our goals are to inspire, empower, and connect with women of color on campus and beyond.

Taiwanese Chinese American Student Association (TCASA)Taiwanese Chinese American Student Association (TCASA)

The TCASA was created in the nature of serving others. We provide a channel for Taiwanese students to find and communicate with each other. We also provide information about USF and the Bay Area for Taiwanese students who plan to attend school here.

舊金山大學台灣同學會(Taiwanese Student Association @ University of San Francisco)是本著服務性質而成立,成立的目的除了提供在校台灣學生互相交流聯絡的管道,也提供舊金山大學及在舊金山生活的資訊給準備來校就讀的 台灣學生。同學會服務的對象主要是本校的台灣同學,主要的工作重點為

  1. 提供諮詢及資訊予欲前來就讀之學生
  2. 接待新生並幫助其早日適應本地生活
  3. 不定期舉辦活動及餐會以提供同學相互交流的管道
  4. 提供學校其他社團活動資訊
  5. 增進與灣區其他學校台灣同學會的聯絡 
  6. 提供求職及其他資訊 TSA將一直延續成立時的傳統及精神服務同學們,如果有相關問題,請與幹部們連絡,或是在留言版留下你的問題。當然也別忘了有活動要熱情參與,給我們最直 接的支持喔!

Unión Salvadoreña de Estudiantes Universitarios (U.S.E.U.)Unión Salvadoreña de Estudiantes Universitarios (USEU)

USEU empowers USF’s Salvadoran student population through the development of an interest in higher education, awareness about Salvadoran cultural, political, and economic issues, and preservation of the historical and cultural identity of El Salvador.

Vietnamese Student AssociationVietnamese Student Association

VSA expresses the importance of the cultural, academic, service, and social interests of USF’s Vietnamese-American community. VSA strives to foster a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment, in which our community can grow, bond, and support one another.

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