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The School of Law LinkedIn Mentor Program

An enduring benefit of a USF law degree is being a part of the law school’s supportive alumni community. To bolster this tradition as we enter our second century, the USF School of Law has established a new online mentoring resource to foster connections between students and alumni.

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The USF School of Law LinkedIn Mentor Program connects students, alumni, faculty, and USF-affiliated legal professionals seeking information on a wide range of topics, from areas of practice to job search advice to navigating a career transition. By leveraging the USF School of Law’s already well-established LinkedIn group, the LinkedIn Mentor Program is a valuable resource to network with alumni in your practice area or geographic region, expand your professional contacts, and provide support to the next generation of USF legal professionals.      

Alumni mentors continue the law school’s long-standing tradition of community engagement by sharing expertise and professional insight with current students and recent graduates. 

How the LinkedIn Mentor Program Works

To participate in the Mentor Program, alumni and law students must first request membership in the USF School of Law LinkedIn group, and then join the USF School of Law Mentor Program subgroup. Please note that these networks are open only to users affiliated with the USF School of Law.

Students and recent graduates seeking mentorship select one or more mentors from the online subgroup directory, initiate the first contact with their mentor(s), and take the lead on staying in touch. All participants will be provided with outreach guidelines, which are available on the main page of the subgroup.

Mentors do not have to be located in the Bay Area: communication can be via LinkedIn direct messaging, email, phone, or in person. Mentees and mentors decide which communication method they are most comfortable with.  

Note for Mentors

Once you are selected to be a mentor, encourage your mentee to be candid about what he or she hopes to gain from the experience. Please note that it is not your responsibility to find employment for your mentee and that they are advised not to contact mentors for employment or business purposes. You choose how involved you want to be. At any point during the program, you control how much time you can commit.  

How to Register

To participate you must have a LinkedIn profile. If you haven’t joined LinkedIn yet, register here.

Next, join the University of San Francisco School of Law group. To find the group, conduct a group search on LinkedIn, or just click here. Once you request membership in the group, a USF administrator will verify your affiliation with the law school and you will receive confirmation of your group membership.

Once you have joined the USF School of Law group, you may join the USF School of Law Mentor Program subgroup by clicking the “More” tab, and selecting “Subgroups,” or just click here.  

Registration Help and Questions About the Program

Tyler Epps, Recruitment Coordinator, Office of Career Planning