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Graduate Student Association

The USF School of Education Graduate Student Association represents all credential, master's and doctoral students in the School of Education.

We provide forums to foster meaningful, positive relationships among students, faculty, administration, and alumni.

We examine, formulate, and implement programs, activities, and events that will improve the educational experience of credential, master's and doctoral students, in conjunction with faculty and administration.

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GSA Bylaws
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The association's main objectives include:

  • Continued dialogue with the faculty and administration in developing a positive and supportive environment for students;
  • Academic achievement and scholarship;
  • Mutual respect, support, encouragement and collegiality between students and faculty members;
  • Developing trust, acceptance and understanding of persons from socio-economically diverse backgrounds;
  • Encouraging individuality and the pursuit of your dreams and passions;
  • Networking and collaboration with other USF organizations;
  • Exploring new curriculum and academic ideas that enhance the teaching/learning environment.