Internship Component

What is a Teaching Internship?

The Multiple and Single Subject Internship Program assists local districts in finding and preparing qualified teachers to serve in K-12 teaching positions. USF partners with public school districts that want to assign interns to teaching positions. Interns are required to assume all teacher functions authorized by USF's California Commission on Teacher Credentialing-approved Multiple and Single subject Credential Programs.

Locating Intern Teaching Jobs

In order to qualify for the Teaching Internship program, you must have a written commitment for employment from a school district. The Teacher Education Department does not actively find positions for current and potential intern candidates. While the Department remains in close contact with the school districts and strongly advocates on behalf of candidates, it does not assume responsibility for intern placement. That responsibility lies with candidates themselves.

When looking for jobs, it is important to note that districts generally do not advertise job openings as "intern positions." Rather, they ask for qualified, credentialed candidates. If you apply for a position that asks for a "teaching credential," the school district will determine if they are able to fill the position with someone who holds an intern credential or if they need someone with a preliminary or clear credential instead.

Obtaining an Intern Credential

Before seeking an intern position, it is recommended that candidates verify their qualification for intern status. Prior to applying for employment (or USF admission to the credential program if you are not a current student) candidates must:

  • Possess a B.A. or B.S. from a regionally accredited institution;
  • Hold passing CBEST scores or passing Multiple Subject CSET Writing Exam scores;
  • Verify subject matter competency via transcript evaluation by our credential analyst or by passing the CSET exam(s);
  • Obtain CTC Certificate of Clearance (fingerprint clearance) or provide a photocopy of prior California credential or permit;
  • Verify current TB testing with negative results; must be within past year (varies by district - some may require more current results);
  • Meet the U.S. Constitution requirement.

The internship checklist (downloadable below) provides guidance on compliance with the CTC mandated requirements for an intern credential. It includes advice on who to contact at USF for assistance.

Internship Checklist

Download the pdf version of the Internship Checklist here.

Note: You must be concurrently employed by a public school district and enrolled in a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing approved University Internship program to obtain the Intern Credential.

After downloading the internship checklist and reviewing it, please e-mail or contact the Teacher Education Department Program Assistant at (415) 422-6481 if you need assistance.


  • Two years to a credential plus a master's degree;
  • Earn a full-time teacher's salary while you learn;
  • Evening and weekend courses designed to meet the working professional's needs;
  • On-the-job support and mentoring:
    Our ongoing collaboration with the school districts includes regular supervision visits from a University-employed supervisor who monitors intern performances towards meeting the instructional and service needs of the district. Mentoring support is also provided to the intern via a district-employed advisor assigned to the intern by the participating district. The university supervisor consults with the site administrators and mentor/advisors during visitations. Each semester a group consultation is conducted that may include the intern/candidate, university supervisor, district administrator and district advisor/mentor in an evaluative process.


If you are not a current USF credential candidate, you must apply for admission to the USF School of Education and the Teacher Education Credential programs. Visit our Application Requirements page for more information on applying.

Please note that it is important to apply early to the credential programs so as to ensure your place in the program.

If, however, you are offered a job after the USF admissions deadlines have passed, please e-mail and let us know of your situation. Be sure to include what district has given you an offer of employment and to whom the Department should address inquiries about the position for a waiver towards late admission.

Financial Aid

See the information in our Financial Aid Information pages.


When looking for a teaching job, it is best to start with the EdJoin website,, to determine where you would like to work and what positions may still be available. While you can apply for jobs on the EdJoin website, most districts near USF prefer that you apply directly on their own web sites (see below).

USF Career Services Center

You may also want to check with the USF Career Services Center for job postings. The Center keeps lists of both public and private school openings. For more information, contact  or (415) 422-6216.

San Francisco Unified School District

Go to the SFUSD site at and click on the "Career Opportunities" tab. Be prepared to provide your résumé, a philosophy statement, and a sample lesson plan.

Oakland Unified School District

Go to the Oakland USF web site at and click on the "Career Opportunities" choice in the navigation bar on the left.