Teacher Education

The preliminary Multiple Subject and Single Subject teaching credentials are offered in conjunction with the following Master of Arts in Teaching programs. All programs can also include the Bilingual Authorization.


Several Teacher Education alumni have come together, with the help of Assistant Professor Dr. Sarah Capitelli, to form the School of Education Teacher Inquiry Group. Learn more about how they are impacting the lives of the children they teach every day by working together to improve their teaching practice.


Preliminary California Multiple or Single Subject Teaching Credential Program with MA Degree

The Teacher Education program prepares reflective practitioners who foster intellectual growth, personal development, and multicultural democratic community in their classrooms and schools. Our candidates learn how to provide their students – especially those most vulnerable to injustices – with an equitable, responsive, and empowering classroom experience. Teacher candidates are recommended by USF to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for the Preliminary Multiple Subjects (36 units) or Single Subject (34 units) Teaching Credential with optional Bilingual Authorization in Spanish.

It is possible to pursue more than one credential simultaneously. Interested students please may contact us at schoolofeducation@usfca.edu.

Teacher Education Program Locations

Students can complete the program in San Francisco or at one of our branch campuses in a cohort-based setting in Pleasanton, Sacramento, Santa Rosa or San Jose. For more information contact Dr. Sandi Fenderson, Associate Director, Teacher Education Branch Campus Programs at (415) 422-5639 or by email safenderson@usfca.edu.

Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential

Multiple Subject Credentials candidates can teach in public and private elementary school settings.

Preliminary Single Subject Credential

Single Subject Credentials candidates can teach in public and private high school and middle school settings. USF offers single subject credentials in English, Math, Science, and Social Science. Additional single subject credential options may be possible at our branch campuses.